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How to Bench Press Sample Workout 3

How to Bench Press Sample Workout 3


Sample Workout 3

Foam Roller
Lacrosse Ball

General Warm-up
Hurdler Stretch for Hip Flexors
Chest Wall Stretches
DB Cleans
Band External Rotations

Specific Warm-up
Light Worksets of Actual Exercises


Primary Movement
Barbell Bench Press

2a) Elite Swiss Bar Incline Bench
2b) T-Bar Rows

3a) Seated Arnold DB Presses
3b) Posterior DB Flyes

4a) DB Curls
4b) Rocky’s
4c) TKE’s
4d) X-band Walks

Treadmill Sprints
10 Runs
15 Seconds Sprints
45 seconds off
12 Incline
10 Speed

Cool Down

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