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Hope – from a Coach



An open letter to all athletes from their coaches.

I remember the first time you walked into the weight room.  So cocky and self-assured, it made me smile.  I smiled at your child-like view of the world and your innocence.  It is these qualities that I hoped would never be taken from you.  It is also this view that I hoped to build upon and develop as you grew older.
You would learn the meaning of “no regrets” through years of consistency, hard work and pain.  It was this pain that I witnessed with every set, every rep and every loss.  It was this pain that I shared with you every step of the way.

Now, as you move on to fulfill your dreams, I have some words of hope for you.

I hope that you understand that the lessons you learned in the weight room and on the field represent life and its never-ending obstacles that you must overcome.

I hope you remember that one workout where you were broken and couldn’t continue…but you did.

I hope that you remember that feeling of winning when you were way behind because you kept fighting.

I hope you remember that no one will ever give you anything.  If you want something you have to take it.

I hope you remember that mental toughness drives everything.

I hope you know that hard work beats skill.

I hope you never have to feel the worse pain; the pain of regret.

I hope you remember, “I Can, I Will”

I hope you remember every rep, every set and every laugh.

I hope you remember those workouts late at night when every one else was resting.

I hope you set your goals high and smash right through them to the next ones.

I hope you treat others with respect and give to others when no one is looking.

I hope you learned more from the losses than from the wins.

I hope that others will be as inspired by your actions as I have been.

Yes, training has changed you.  Your cockiness has given way to confidence.  Confidence is real and is built.  Cockiness is fake and anyone can have it.  You now know the difference.

Live your life with no regrets.

Your coach and friend,


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12 Responses to “Hope – from a Coach”

  1. Jerry Shreck Says:


    Well SAID!!!

  2. Spida Hunter Says:

    Smitty did you write this? If you did, bro, well said my man well said!!

    I have issues with our industry being so “divided” about training modalities and training toys etc…. At the end of the day your message right here FOR ME rings TRUTH!!!

    I hope that you understand that the lessons you learned in the weight room and on the field represent life and its never-ending obstacles that you must overcome.

    Like I’m fond of saying; “What’s the point of lifting 20000kg if you can’t transfer the lessons learnt to real life!”

    Anyway bro, great stuff and thanks for sharing!


  3. Jim Smith Says:

    Yeah brother, I wrote it. Thanks so much!

  4. Jim Smith Says:

    Thanks Jerry!

  5. Cindy Says:

    Great post. I printed it out and stuck it on my stretching wall.

  6. Jim Smith Says:

    Thanks so much Cindy!

  7. Thomas Says:

    Hi Smitty, nice post. I love it.

    Out of your posts, not only this one, you show that you love working with your athetes. Prepairing them not only for competition but rather for life itself.
    In my opinion you are a great man.
    Thanks for your work and sharing all of your great stuff with us.

    Some words to our e-mail today.
    What bad news?? That you need some time longer to make one of your great videos for us?? Take your time Smitty, i think you are a very busy man. And also your family wants to spend some time with you, that i´m sure.
    For me i have to say it was a good news, because i know now, you are working again on something that will help us and bring us forward.
    Im looking forward to see it.

    Have a nice day. Keep it up.

  8. Jim Smith Says:

    Thanks so much Thomas for your kind words!

  9. sidharth Says:

    Thanks a lot Jim for all the inspiration , great work to help all , all the rehab ideas and workouts ,all the technique tutorials and practical tips. All of this has meant a lot for my training.
    I know you have mentioned this before too , ‘I hope you treat others with respect and give to others when no one is looking.’
    I have tried my best and will keep doing this. Learnt a lot from this blog and you and your crew. Passion oozes out from all of your work and that I guess is the drive.
    Thanks again!

  10. Mark Young Says:

    Excellent post!

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