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Home Made Strength II – Grip Strength Edition

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It’s Time to Build Your Own Grip Strength Equipment

You guys know how much I love Grip Strength. I write about it all the time here on this site and on many others around the internet.

Today, I released a product called Home Made Strength II – Grip Strength Edition.

This is the second installment of the Home Made Strength Series. The first one covered full body strength training, and I released it in 2009 with Joe Hashey.

Just like the first video, this is an On-line DVD, which is a video that you download to your PC. That way, you always have it right there on your laptop or desktop, and you’re able to watch it any time you want.

What’s in the DVD?

In HMS2, I show you how to build 10 different Grip Tools as well as a Loading pin. In the DVD, I show a few drills with the gear, but in the accompanying manual, the Quick Start Blue Print, I also show you 3 different specific drills for each piece of equipment.

So, with HMS2, you learn how to assemble the ten pieces of Grip Gear, plus you get a total of 30 Different Drills you can plug into your training program.

Is there a Hard Copy of the DVD?

Yes, there is. After making the initial purchase, you can upgrade to a hard copy for $9.99 plus Shipping (depending on where you live).

When you add this DVD to your collection, it is going to stand out, because I think this is a one-of-a-kind DVD cover. Check it out below…

Compressed image of the DVD cover

You Need to Address Your Weaknesses

With all the different strength training programs and methodologies that are out there, it is hard to decide what exactly you should add into your program in order to improve.

However, one thing that will always work is strengthening each individual link in the chain.

If your lower back is weak, it’s going to hinder your Deadlift, Swing, and more.

If your triceps are weak, they’re going to hinder your Bench Press, Log Press and more.

If your glutes are weak, they’re going to hinder your Squat, Vertical Leap, and more.

But if your Grip is weak, it’s going to hold back everything

Your Grip doesn’t have to be the weak link in your Chain of Strength anymore. With Home Made Strength II, you’ll be able to strengthen everything from the elbow to the finger tips which means you’ll gradually erase that weakness and turn it into an asset that you can rely on.

Now, HMS2 isn’t something that will help everybody who lifts.

If you are a Kettlebell Lifter, this will help you with your grip endurance for the various Kettlebell Endurance Challenges that are out there – Russian Kettlebell Challenge, Secret Service Snatch Test, Girevoy Sport, etc.

If you are a Strongman competitor, Grip is extremely important and these tools will help you lay the foundation for excellent performance with the Farmers, Stones, Axle, Log and more.

And if you just plain enjoy the idea of getting as strong as possible, these tools will help you on your journey.


I am making sure that you are able to get your Grip Strength to the level it needs to be and as always, I am trying to over-deliver on your investment, so I included two Fresh Bonuses to go along with Home Made Strength II.

Developing a Stronger Grip for Faster Kettlebell Results:

These are tactics I developed while I was training for the RKC Certification in order to increase my Grip specifically for Kettlebells. Believe me, there was NO WAY, I was going to that Certification and have my Grip fail me. I’ve continued doing these drills since and they have proven to be great for carryover into various thick bar lifts, including my work with the Axle and Inch Replica Dumbbell.

Bonus 2: Quick Wins for Improving Grip Strength:

In my opinion, these 8 things should be in the arsenal of every person who trains for strength if they want to be as brutally strong and Physically Prepared as Possible. I consider these items to be staples of my training, meaning I use them week in and week out in one form or another. These are Quick Wins because not only can you implement them quickly into your routine, but they also of a reasonable price and you can use them in many ways to get your lower arms strong and keep them healthy.

Bonus 3: 8 Weeks of Grip Workouts:

This is a Bonus I have offered for quite some time now, but everybody who has picked it up has loved it. Over the course of two months, I will walk you through a series of 24 Grip Training Movements and offer suggestion set and rep schemes that you can use. There is a new workout each week featuring a new trio of Grip movements, lifts, and challenges. Feel free, of course, to do more or less, skip movements, or repeat stuff you find really fun and challenging. I won’t be mad atcha. I keep saying I am going to start selling this one day, but it’s been pretty fun giving it away for free.

So, as you can see, this is a pretty damn impressive package and the initial price is only $27.

You are getting a TON of SOLID INFORMATION that you can put to use right away. Plus, you can have it downloaded to your machine and using it the same day you buy it. If you upgrade to the DVD, I am sending in those orders to Vervante as they come to me. Vervante usually delivers within the US within a week of the order – works out pretty well!

So, jump on this right now, because by Friday I will finally come to my senses and move the price up.

All the best in your training.


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