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Home Made Strength Grip Challenge

We received one submission for the Home Made Strength Grip Challenge, but it was a strong one.

In the video below, Brian Lederman shows he’s a man who takes action.

He’s had the DVD for two weeks and has already built AND IS DOMINATING nearly half the equipment.

Great job brother!

Brian Lederman

Brian, thanks for the great feedback on the new Phone Book Tearing eBook, Phone Book Mass Destruction!

And, since you already have Dave Whitley’s Lessons of the Old-time Strongmen, I’d be glad to send you a Diesel Crew Shirt. Please email me your shirt size and I will get one right out to you, bro!

Check out the site on Monday for next week’s Weekly Grip Strength Challenge, everybody!


build your own grip equipment

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6 Responses to “Home Made Strength Grip Challenge”

  1. Carlos Rodriguez Says:

    Nice video!!! Those pieces of homemade equipment are real eye openers for grip training. Two of them look very familiar. Great idea Jedd!!!

  2. Andy Thomas Says:

    Nice stuff Brian. Congrats.

  3. Rick Walker Says:

    That “De-Load Brown” looks familar…

  4. Jeremy Priestner | Art of Lifting Says:

    Interesting idea with the thick grip kettlebell-type gadget. It looks like it makes the exercise incredibly more taxing on the grip.

  5. Jedd Johnson Says:

    No doubt about it. You are able to put both hands completely on the implement (which can be challenging for wider-handed individuals when dealing with kettlebells) plus it is a much thicker handle, taxing the grip. This is exactly why I included it in Home Made Strength II.


  6. Mitchell @ Qwikbody Says:


    This is just further proof that with a little ingenuity getting incredible strength is possible without needing a gym. Good stuff! Kudos to Brian for staying the course.


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