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This Week’s Grip Strength Challenge

Home Made Strength Grip Challenge

This week’s Grip Strength Challenge is different from the regular.

This week’s submissions will come from those who bought the Home Made Strength II Online DVD during the introductory sale!

This is what you have to do.

1. Build one (or more) of the Home Made Strength II pieces of Grip Gear.

2. Film yourself training with it – Get Intense – Show us what you are made of!

3. Upload your video to YouTube!

4. Send me your submission!

This week, instead of just one winner, there will be 3 individual winners that win a copy of Dave “The Iron Tamer” Whitley’s, Lessons of the Oldtime Strongmen.

Video submissions must be received by Thursday April 7, 2011 night 8 PM EST.

Voting will take place from Friday April 8 until Monday April 11 at 8 AM EST.

Votes will be counted on Monday April 11. One vote per I.P. address, please.

Any questions, feel free to email me at jedd dot diesel at gmail dot com.

For more details, check out this video…

When you submit your video, make sure it contains the following information:

      Subject: Home Made Strength Grip Challenge

     Description: &
    Home Made Strength Grip Challenge

     Tags: Grip Strength, Hand Strength, Thumb Strength, Wrist Strength

Looking forward to the submissions!


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