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Holy Cow – 188 Pages

“Holy Cow! 188 pages. That is pretty awesome! I wasn’t really expecting such a thorough resource. Very nice job.”

That’s the response I got after sending the Nail Bending eBook to someone this week.

That’s right – The Nail Bending eBook is 188 pages of instruction. You can rest assured that if you buy a product from Diesel Crew, you are getting your money’s worth, plus some!

I’ve been where you are. You buy an ebook product for like $50 only to find out that you just paid a buck a page and you already knew most of the stuff in it.

That won’t happen with the Nail Bending eBook. In it, you will find out how to bend a variety of pieces of steel – nails, bolts, and stock; you will find out how to wrap the steel so you don’t puncture yourself; you will find out how to ramp-up into a bending program without getting hurt from cumulative trauma. You will know how to climb to the top of the steel bending ladder.

And all of this for just $39.97. A safe investment and you’ll be learning to do cool sh*t.

Check out the Nail Bending eBook.

All the best in your training,


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