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High Intensity Metabolic Training – Powerful Prowler Combination

High Intensity Metabolic Training

Powerful Prowler Combination

I am training two MMA fighters for their upcoming fights on August 6th.  We recently did a killer prowler finisher after their lower body workout.
The finisher consisted of a prowler push followed immediately by a hand-over-hand thick rope pull.  It was brutal.

Of course I did the same finisher because I would never ask my athletes to do any training if I haven’t done it myself.

Remember that.  Anyone can “write” a program.  But you have to do the workout / program to understand how it feels and understand what it accomplishes.  What type of adaptations will occur.  Your athletes will never respect you if you are not willing to show them the exercises.

How many strength coaches do you know that never train with their athletes?  How many look like they have never trained?

With this post, I want your input.  Tell me some of the unique combinations you have done with the prowler!  Leave a comment below.

Here are some other really good prowler combinations:

  • Prowler pushes into bodyweight exercises; push-ups, jumping squats, lunges, burpees
  • Prowler pushes into sprints
  • Prowler pushes into kettlebell swings
  • Prowler pushes into medicine ball throws
  • Prowler pushes into tire flips

Prowler Push

Hand-Over-Hand Rope Pull

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16 Responses to “High Intensity Metabolic Training – Powerful Prowler Combination”

  1. Coach Mike Says:

    Great point about being able to walk the walk Smitty! My favorite pair is prowler pushes/farmers walk or the prowler/walks with kettle bells locked out over head! But the guys hate them! hahaha

  2. Jim Smith Says:

    sounds brutal Coach Mike!

  3. jamie Says:

    Training a couple of fighters and have used prowler push plus punching combinations. Using the gymboss we push for 30 secs then punch or kick for 30 secs up to 3 – 5 minutes. This is a ripper and smokes our best conditioned guys. What i like about these drills is it desnt matter what level of conditioning youre at, you work as hard as your conditioning allows.

  4. Jim Smith Says:

    Nice Jamie, I’ll add that to the list.

  5. Bill Jones Says:

    Great comment about coaches that can’t hang with their athletes. I like to make it a point to tell them my workouts are harder than theirs.

    We don’t have a prowler (yet) but we use sleds to push which is pretty tough since you have to get so low. And the toughest thing we’ve done would be “Sled Suicides”.

    Not pleasent but metabolically effective!

  6. Smitty Says:

    Nice Bill, definitely prowler murder with suicides.

  7. Brian Says:

    Unfortunately there are a lot of pathetic “strength coaches” who pull programs off the Internet and charge people good money. I love to get out and hit a hard conditioning session with my athletes. It shows you practice what you preach, earns their respect, and builds a stronger bond.

    These are some Prowler combos my athletes and I have used in my gym:

    Prowler Push (mix hi handle and low handle)
    Medicine Ball Slams x 5 power reps

    Prowler Push (mix hi handle and low handle)
    “L” Sits x 30 seconds

    Prowler Push (mix hi handle and low handle)
    Heavy Farmer’s Walks (30 yards)

    Hand over hand rope pull (hooked to Prowler)
    Prowler push back to start

  8. jamie douse Says:

    I think we’ll add the hand over hand sled pull to the punching and pushing

    And yeah i train with my clients, unfortunately though Bill, im 20 years older than most of them so i can only tell them my workouts used to be harder than theirs 😉 and who wants to hear the old bloke say that

  9. Smitty Says:

    Keep fighting Jamie!

  10. Nico Says:

    Great one Jim!!
    Here is the combination that my high school judo kids did last week:
    – sandbag burpees into overhead press (3~5 reps)
    – bend over sled pull with the thick rope
    – prowler sprint (high corn)

    Of course, I tried this myself beforehand.

  11. Pat Says:

    Did this today:

    4 rounds
    -25m push low handles prowler 90#
    -10x 80# SB zercher squats
    -dump SB on prowler, push back 25m using high handles
    -remove SB to 25m SB clean and forward toss
    -sprint back 25m
    -25m push low handles
    -10x SB zercher squats
    -dump SB on prowler, push back 25m using high handles
    -remove SB to 25m walking lunges
    -sprint back 25m

  12. Pat Says:

    I use the prowler every day with my football team. Mondays are 40 yard sprints. I have 2 prowlers, I divide them into 4 groups and they do a 40 yard sprints then 5 pushups then get back in line. We go for 15 minutes, each kid usually gets 6-8 trips. Wednesdays are obstacle courses. Today we did hand over hand 30 yard pull, then a 30 yard sprint with the prowler, then a 60 yard farmer walk (30 yards and back), then 3 tire flips, then 10 clean and presses with a sand bag. Fridays are suicides. we jack up the weight and go on the low handles for 10 yards then bring it back on the poles. I work out a 7 am so buy the time my kids get to our weight room I am on the field doing the same thing they will be doing later on in the day.

  13. delfire5 Says:

    2 good prowler workouts; 5 heavy power cleans (barbell or sandbag) + 40 yd. Prowler push / 5 rounds

    5 weighted pullups + Prowler push/ 3-5 rounds

    The prowler is the best finisher I have seen on squat days

  14. Andrew Says:

    Don’t need a prowler. You can
    A. Put a 45lb metal plate (or more) flat side down on AstroTurf or durable carpet. Hands on the plate and push it. You can vary it by doing frog jumps instead of single leg walks.
    B. Put a car in neutral in a parking lot. Push it.

  15. Jedd Johnson Says:


    This is true. Getting the prowler is a luxury, of course, but if you make the investment, you can get a lot of reward from it without the hassle. For instance, if you train alone and have no one to steer the vehicle, it’s going to make it awfully hazardous to push it around a parking lot.

    I do appreciate the comment and open thinking.


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