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Heavy A** Prowler – Improve Leg Drive and Mental Toughness for Athletes

Heavy A** Prowler

Improve Leg Drive and Mental Toughness for Athletes

By Jim Smith, CSCS

Here are some clips of the heavy prowler finishers we have been doing after our workouts.  Finishers are a great way to jack up the intensity when everyone is dragging ass after the workout.  You turn the finishers into “challenges” between the training group.

Prowlers, sleds, dumbbells, kettlebells, bodyweight and everything else under the sun are used to build serious complexes that are done for time or for a certain number of reps.

Nobody is tougher than Dalton son!

Finishers are a great way to also build mental toughness.  This is something that many young athletes lack and I really feel it can be learned in the weight room.  As a former wrestler, I used to only say wrestling built character and mental toughness.  But since I’ve been away from competition for so long, finishers have really stepped in to show not only me, but those I train with, what it means to be tough.

With winter coming, I hope you have a great training facility where you can do prowler inside.  If you don’t, you still have tons of complexes (multiple implements) you can design to create a killer finisher for you and your athletes.

Heavy A** Prowler

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3 Responses to “Heavy A** Prowler – Improve Leg Drive and Mental Toughness for Athletes”

  1. John Cortese -High Octane Speed, Strength, and Power Training for Athletes Says:

    Dude! Nice video Smitty; Couple things…

    1.) That first push looked awful 🙂
    2.) Way to finish
    3.) Nice intro vid!! That was seriously some bad a*s stuff, nice work!

    Keep it up!

    John Cortese

  2. Todd Says:

    First off, right-on posting that pic. of Dalton, he was one bad mamma jamma! Awesome vid, thanks Smid. I usually finish with planks but somehow this makes my finishing look kinda goofy. 🙂

  3. Jim Smith Says:

    thanks Todd!

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