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Haters Gonna Hate – Change Your Mindset

Haters Gonna Hate

Change Your Mindset

by Jim Smith, CSCS, RKC

I wanted to post this video as a response to my good friend Mike Bruce’s recent Facebook comment.  He stated he had received some hate mail the other day.

If you have an online presence, at some point, you’ve received hate mail.

But Mike’s comment really caught me off guard.  You would never think that he would get anybody posting anything negative toward him.

If someone is posting a negative comment on a video you posted or sending you an email with something negative you can bet one thing:

They are a miserable person and things are not going well for them.

We are inundated everyday with bad stuff in the news; floods, murders, kidnappings, bad economy and everything else.  Then we get to our job and people are miserable, we’re tired, we’re hungry and we have a ton of stuff to do.  The last thing we need is more negative “stuff” in our lives.

We need to change our mindset and turn all of this negative stuff around in our lives.


Instead of saying

Why do I have so much stuff to do?

Say this:

Why am I so good at getting stuff done?


Instead of saying

Why is this person sending me a negative email?

Say this

Why am I so good at inspiring others and helping them change their lives so they don’t feel negative anymore?


It is a mindset change and once you make it, you will do great things.

If you receive something negative, what should you do?

  • stay positive
  • surround yourself with like-minded people
  • be persistent
  • keep your head high
  • keep doing what you’re doing
  • continue respecting others
  • set goals for yourself and once you reach these goals, set new ones
  • chase your dreams
  • continue to inspire others
  • give the people you train an experience when they talk to you, turn their day around
  • never quit
  • never have regrets

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46 Responses to “Haters Gonna Hate – Change Your Mindset”

  1. JIm Davis Says:

    Thank you for that, Smitty — I’ve only just started my own blog, and I’ve already gotten some less-than-positive comments — I’m used to that crap, though, but it’s nice to hear it from someone else.

  2. Steven Says:

    You are so correct and right on with this one. Do not empower anyone to ruin your day. They can be miserable on their own. Don’t join them.

  3. StrengthSpeedAgility Says:

    Smitty I know what you mean. I just read a great book called Follow your Heart which covered pretty much everything you just spoke about. I would just like to thank you for all the stuff you are doing here. Its great!!


  4. Tyler Says:

    Great blog, great post. As a fellow blogger, I’m well aware of the comments and criticism some people leave. It’s pretty horrendous sometimes.

    I have no idea why someone would bash you for anything though. You put great content and training tips up for all of us (and trust me, I know how much effort goes into all the behind the scenes stuff…things that seem easy to the people who really don’t know how much work goes in to even the smallest things). Keep up the awesome work.

  5. Thomas Hirmer Says:

    Thank you Smitty for all your videos and texts and more! You are a real inspiration. The mindset is a double-edged sword. I already know this. I’m no hater but often had type-o-negative by myself. It takes really active work against all this bad influence. As you said, day by day for example in the work there are all kind of people, negatives too.

    And i try not to change them anymore, i change (and already have changed) me. It works good, very good. The will to stay positive, TO ACT in YOUR life is a very powerful tool, i have learned. It was just a decision and it enriches life so much.

    Smitty, you have the right groove and feeling. You encourage others to life their life by acting not just reacting. My english is not the very best (german brother :-), but these words flash in my mind every time i see/read/hear you:


    Best regards,

  6. Rolf Says:

    Smitty, that is it. Thanks for this vid. You are right man. Haters try to make themselves bigger by reducing others. The truth is you grow by help other people to grow. That is what you do.

    Comment from Germany. Hope it makes sense in English


  7. Ed Says:

    Thanks Smitty – All I will say is that this post could not have come at a better time right now.

    Thanks for everything, Ed 🙂

  8. Matt "Wiggy" Wiggins Says:

    Absolutely phenomenal video, Smitty. I, too, get hate mail, and it used to really bother me. It wasn’t a matter that I (necessarily) cared what somebody thought of me, but it would piss me off that like you said, I was busting my ass to put out quality articles/content (be it on my site/blog or on other places) or products that give a ton of value for an inexpensive price (my stuff is on average much cheaper than others in our industry) and people would come back at me, bitching and complaining…yet I’d see them hop on the latest guru bandwagon, getting only a fraction of the value, and pay $hundreds for the privilege!

    I remember one day I got one of those ‘unsubscribe’ notices in my in-box. Now, I *never* open those things and read them – why? What’s the point? But this day, I just so happened to. When I did, the guy who unsubscribed also left a comment, telling me he didn’t want to “get any more of my [email protected] emails”, that I was a “con artist”, and that I wasn’t going to “get any more of his hard earned dollars”.

    I was stunned.

    I click the button to go back to my in-box, and the same exact guy has not only unsubscribed, but taken the time out of his day to send me an email, telling me more of the same, and call me a few choice words.

    Crazy thing, was the email he unsubscribed from was TOTAL CONTENT. No pitch. No affiliate promotion. Hell, there wasn’t a single link (not even in the signature!) that could be clicked on. Just value.

    Yet, this guy decided he had to go out of his way to be a douche-bag. It was then I decided that I wasn’t give a damn what the rest of the world thought. As long as I knew I was doing right and deserved to hold my head up high, screw what the rest of the world thinks.

    I know you do the same.

    Great post, Smitty – keep up the awesome work.

  9. Jerry Shreck Says:


    Great post! I have gotten a few opinions sent to me over the years but I also know that there are many more out there that I am helping and are thankful for the time and information that I am sharing. When I first started with my website, a bad comment would really bother me but now I use it to try and see another view point-that is if they are intelligent enough to see another view. The funny thing is most of the “haters” out there do not have a blog or post videos, etc.. Keep up the great work! I have enjoyed the Diesel Crew website since you and Jedd started it!

  10. Rach Says:


    Your vid on Haters is timely and thoughtful- I get your emails and find them not only well crafted but intelligent and uplifting. Keep up the great work!

  11. Rick Walker Says:


    Most of the comments come from eithr 14 years olds, or people who are jealous. Period. That is why you, and NO ONE else should let that shit bother you.

    Success = Jealousy = hate.

    Keep doing what you do Smitty!


  12. Terry Says:

    Awesome post! Keep up the Great work!

  13. Paul Steele Says:


  14. Jim Smith Says:

    Thanks Paul!

  15. Jim Smith Says:

    Thanks Terry!

  16. Jim Smith Says:

    Thanks Big Rick!

  17. Jim Smith Says:

    Thanks Rach!

  18. Jim Smith Says:

    Thanks Jerry!

  19. Jim Smith Says:

    Thanks Wiggy!

  20. Jim Smith Says:

    Thanks Ed!

  21. Jim Smith Says:

    Appreciate it Rolf!

  22. Jim Smith Says:

    Thank you Thomas!

  23. Jim Smith Says:

    Thanks Tyler!

  24. Jim Smith Says:

    Thanks Mike!

  25. Jim Smith Says:

    I won’t Steven, thanks!

  26. Jim Smith Says:

    Keep fighting Jim!

  27. callum Says:

    Hi, I Just watched your video and i realised that i havn’t thanked you for all the effort you and the rest of the diesel crew put in and all the great free content you put out.

    I just want to say that i really appreciate it and you have really helped me with my training.

    Your right, you shouldn’t let those haters get to you because there’s a ton more people that love what you’re doing.

    Keep up the good work,

    Thanks Smitty!!!

  28. Dan Cenidoza Says:

    Nice post Smitty.

  29. Bernard Mizula Says:

    Well said Smitty. Especially timely since we seem to be having a teen suicide a week because of bullying. The stuff you and Jed post for folks is totally out of this world. Many a times I don’t feel like training and when that happens I visit your site and see something that makes me get my but in gear. So please keep up the good work and keep posting messages like this, maybe they’ll even reach some kid and prevent the unthinkable. Keep inspiring!

  30. Steve Says:

    You are so right Smithy, and if you can make the time to teach us the fantastic techniques that you send us, I can take a couple of minutes to let you know how much value and inspiration I get from your blog videos and articles.
    I agree wholeheartedly with what you are saying, and if all us positive people can live by example, then perhaps one or two of the negative “haters” may realize that they too can enjoy the quality of life that being positive can bring you-and that really would be worthwhile!
    Thanks again Smithy, you the man!

  31. Daniel Says:

    Mike has my vote and I don’t even know him. If he hangs with people like you (Smitty), he has my vote. By the way, I don’t know Smitty, either. I’ve been around long enough to know the “measure of a man” by his/her actions.
    Actions do speak louder than words (at least, where I’m from) and Smitty holds up to that standard (and then some). When Smitty stands up for Mike, that’s good enough for me to support him too. Good for you Mr. Jim Smith. I will keep supporting you and the people of the same ilk

  32. Logan Christopher Says:

    Too true. Luckily I learned that this would happen early on before starting my online business.

    The internet makes it so easy for people to hate, while they can hide behind their computers. (And youtube seems to be the worst of them all.) But the great thing is it’s easy to delete comments and emails. Of course, if it’s a legitimate concern or question I’ll take the time to answer it. But the haters don’t get a second of my time, just a laugh at their inane comments (and usually horrible spelling and grammar) and then delete.

    You can’t achieve ANYTHING without people throwing stones at you.

  33. Dave Schmitz Says:


    To much good to spend time on negative.

    Outstanding inspiration.



  34. Eli Says:

    Just want to add my thanks. I started AMD, and I really appreciate all the hard work you put into it, but all the great content you have put online, the personal input in answering my email questions, and your dedication. I don’t know you personally but from all the above something comes across about you also being a really genuine person — a helper, not a hater. Even just the way you feel the need to stand up for a friend, and admire his spirituality — something genuine and loyal comes across in all that… I totally agree that it’s about focusing on those that appreciate what you do instead of the haters and hecklers.
    Keep up all the good work!!!

  35. Eli Says:

    typo — I meant to say ” I really appreciate not only all the hard work you put into it, but also…..”…
    feel free to edit the original comment to reflect this

  36. Jim Smith Says:

    Eli, thanks so much for your kind words AND for getting AMD. Keep all of us posted on your progress!

  37. Jim Smith Says:

    @Eli, thanks!

  38. Jim Smith Says:

    Thanks Big Dave, we have to get together soon brother!

  39. Jim Smith Says:

    Thanks Logan!

  40. Jim Smith Says:

    Too kind Daniel, thank you for posting!

  41. coach mike Says:

    From time to time I catch myself being negative. Nothing ticks me off more than that! I find myself thinking about where that crap came from. As a coach the hardest thing I have to accomplish is to get a young athlete to believe unconditionally in themselves or some time at all. You tell a kid anything long enough they will believe it good or bad. The fastest, largest improvements in a kids game I have ever seen came from mind set not conditioning or technique. Over night a kid went from a .50 guy to a .99% animal! Truth is I had always know he had it in him, all it took is him to believe it too!

  42. paul Says:

    Perhaps another (positive) way of seeing “haters”…

    “1. It doesn’t matter how many people don’t get it. What matters is how many people do.
    2. 10% of people will find a way to take anything personally. Expect it.
    3. Trying to get everyone to like you is a sign of mediocrity.
    4. If you are really effective at what you do, 95% of the things said about you will be negative.
    5. If you want to improve, be content to be thought foolish and stupid”. quote by tim ferriss

  43. Sean Says:

    Great post Smitty,

    I just read both of Tate’s books, and this fits in really well with some of the stuff I took away from that. You just gotta look to the positive people in your life, take away something from constructive criticism, and forget about people’s BS.

  44. Jim Smith Says:

    Thanks Sean for the great feedback!

  45. strength training for wrestling Says:

    This is something I’ve been talking about a lot lately as I’m getting more and more into the mental side of things. You’re right on with this, thanks Smitty!

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