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Hands Across the Sea Videos

This past Saturday, I held the only US leg of the Hands Across the Sea Grip Mega Comp.

The events were Two Hands Pinch, Grip Topz Stub Hold for Time, and Silver Bullet Hold for Time.


Below are the videos from the competition.

Next contest will be May 3rd, 2014 in Horseheads NY. More information to come.

Two Hands Pinch – Part 1

The Two Hands Pinch was contested in the normal way, 4 attempts, going for a max lift. The Two Hands Pinch is STILL one of the most popular events in all of Grip Sport. David Horne actually set a new all-time world record in this lift, at his location in Europe.

Two Hands Pinch – Part 2

Stub Hold – Best Lifts

For the Stub Hold, 6 weights were available: 7kg, 10kg, 13kg, 16kg, 19kg, and 21kg. You could start out at the heaviest weight and take an attempt to lift and hold it for at least 5 seconds. After that, you could try the same weight again, or drop to the next lowest weight. Heavier weights lifted for the minimum 5 seconds would beat longer holds at lighter weights. This was a very intense event.

Silver Bullet – Best Times

The Silver Bullet Hold has been contested many times over the last few years, but I had never seen it live, only on videos on the Net. I always thought the event was boring as sin, BUT when it is a part of the contest, it makes the atmosphere electric.

Final Results, per David Horne:

Open Class results (22 competitors)

1 David Horne (102.35k, 51) 5pt
2 Jedd Johnson (104.89k) 6pt
3 Juha Harju (123.5k, 40) 7pt

4 Cesare Ricchezza (117.7k) 16.5pt
5 Matti Harju (97.9k, 34) 20pt
5 Eli Thomas (128.18k) 20pt
7 Josh Henze (97.65k) 25.5pt
8 J.T. Straussner (102.19k) 29pt
8 Petri Partanen (98.5k, 36) 29pt
10 Luke Raymond (92.85k) 35pt
11 Juha Lehtimäki (92.3k, 25) 36pt
11 Rob Scoonover (104.34k) 36pt
13 Alex Horne (92.9k, 22) 37.5pt
14 Frank Deluca (97.99k) 39.5pt
14 Elizabeth Horne (80.5k, 30/Female) 39.5pt
16 Mike Hagios (145.19k) 45.5pt
17 Juha-Matti Höglund (156.7k, 28) 48.5pt
18 Chris Andrade (112.4k) 52pt
19 Yvonne Häkkinen (79.4k, 34/Female) 55pt
20 Tuomo Anttila (92.4k, 34) 55.5pt
21 Amber Edwards (77.99k, Female) 60pt
22 Andrea Diez (47k, 25/Female) 61pt

Womens results (4 competitors)

1 Elizabeth Horne (80.5k, 30/Female) 3pt
2 Yvonne Häkkinen (79.4k, 34/Female) 6pt
3 Amber Edwards (77.99k, Female) 10pt
4 Andrea Diez (47k, 25/Female) 11pt

Event 1 Two Hands Pinch Lift

1 David Horne 122.91k
2 Jedd Johnson 110.49k
3 Juha Harju 100.6k
4 Eli Thomas 96.74k
5 Josh Henze 94.44k
5 Cesare Ricchezza 94.44k
7 Matti Harju 91.88k
8 J.T. Straussner 90.79k
9 Rob Scoonover 87.75k
10 Petri Partanen 82.43k
11 Mike Hagios 81.21k
12 Tuomo Anttila 80.96k
13 Luke Raymond 79.47k
14 Alex Horne 76.45k
14 Elizabeth Horne 76.45k (Female)
16 Juha Lehtimäki 76k
17 Frank Deluca 66.35k
18 Chris Andrade 58.36k
19 Yvonne Häkkinen 54.22k (Female)
20 Amber Edwards 39.56k (Female)
21 Andrea Diez 31.95k (Female)
22 Juha-Matti Höglund NL

Event 2 Stub Hold

1 David Horne 21k for 17sec
2 Juha Harju 21k for 11sec
3 Jedd Johnson 21k for 8sec
4 Matti Harju 19k for 10sec
5 Juha-Matti Höglund 19k for 6sec
6 Cesare Ricchezza 19k for 5sec
7 Petri Partanen 16k for 11sec
7 Juha Lehtimäki 16k for 11sec
7 Luke Raymond 16k for 11sec
10 Elizabeth Horne 16k for 10sec (Female)
11 J.T. Straussner 16k for 8sec
12 Eli Thomas 13k for 20sec
13 Josh Henze 13k for 16sec
14 Rob Scoonover 13k for 13sec
15 Alex Horne 13k for 12sec
16 Mike Hagios 13k for 9sec
16 Frank Deluca 13k for 9sec
18 Chris Andrade 13k for 8sec
19 Yvonne Häkkinen 10k for 14sec (Female)
20 Andrea Diez 7k for 20sec (Female)
21 Amber Edwards 7k for 12sec (Female)
22 Tuomo Anttila NL

Event 3 Grippers Silver Bullet (2.5k)

1 Jedd Johnson #4 for 30.77sec
2 Juha Harju #4 for 22.86sec
3 David Horne #4 for 19.19sec
4 Eli Thomas #4 for 14.69sec
5 Cesare Ricchezza #4 for 12.99sec
6 Frank Deluca #3 for 23.12sec
7 Josh Henze #3 for 21.53sec
8 Alex Horne #3 for 18.14sec
9 Matti Harju #3 for 17.25sec
10 J.T. Straussner #3 for 16.55sec
11 Petri Partanen #3 for 16.32sec
12 Juha Lehtimäki #3 for 15.11sec
13 Rob Scoonover #3 for 14.36sec
14 Luke Raymond #3 for 10.03sec
15 Elizabeth Horne #3 for 8.23sec (Female)
16 Chris Andrade #2 for 21.06sec
17 Yvonne Häkkinen #2 for 12.26sec (Female)
18 Mike Hagios #2 for 9.9sec
19 Amber Edwards #1 for 12.29sec (Female)
20 Andrea Diez T for 4.57sec (Female)
21 Juha-Matti Höglund NL
21 Tuomo Anttila NL

Again, next competition is May 3rd in Horseheads, NY.

Who’s in?


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