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Hammering Horseshoes DVD is Live!

In May this year, my buddy Mike Rinderle came up to the Diesel Fortress and together we shot footage for about 5 hours covering the basics and advanced techniques of Horseshoe Bending.

Let me just say that these 5 hours were an education for me by Professor Rinderle. This dude has taken the art of horseshoe bending and broken it down to its most basic parts and nearly turned it into a science.

I learned more about bending horseshoes from one man in 5 hours than I have learned in the last nearly 10 years. I was blown away, to say the least!

Hammering Horseshoes: How to Bend, Mangle and Destroy Horseshoes

When it came time to edit the video footage, I knew no one would want five hours of us rambling about Horseshoe Bending and how to get strong enough to do it, so instead I put together only the most important points that would allow you to become great at horseshoes bending.

I still ended up with 90+ minutes of kick-ass content.

Now, it should be mentioned that David Wigren, of Sweden, helped us out tremendously with this DVD, covering some of the history of horseshoe bending as well as some of the clearest and most definitive still shots of horseshoe bending technique I have EVER seen.

Mike and I both knew it would be an absolute travesty to not include these stills in the DVD somehow, so I dusted off some software I had for audio recording and did a voice over of Wigren’s unbelievable technical break-down of horseshoe destruction and that is included on the DVD as well.

Now the DVD was 105 minutes.

I also went through my archives of Diesel Footage and found a gem of a horseshoe bend by The Human Vise, Pat Povilaitis, from a strength gathering called, Night of Strength, from 2004 and put that in. Back in the day, Diesel Crew was known as the guys with the video camera. I think we were the only ones that had a camera back then and we captured Pay absolutely mutilating a giant shoe with ease and with speed!

Then I thought, if I am going to stick footage on this disk, I need to include how much Mike has progressed over the last 1.5 to 2 years in horseshoe bending.

So I scoured YouTube and downloaded 5 or 6 of his bends, from the time he struggled for over 5 minutes to bend a minor league horseshoe, to the bend that won him the title of Beast in the East in the Spring of this year, to some of the shoe bends that only a handful of people in the world have ever bent

Now, these classic bends are on the end of the disk so you can see just how much Mike has improved his technique over the years.

Technique, by the way is the most important part of horseshoe bending.

You can be as strong as a bull, but if you are not lined up properly at the start, you will NOT successfully kink that shoe.

You might be as tough as nails, but if you do not set the shoe up properly on the thigh, you will NOT be able to open it beyond 75-degrees.

Technique is what hammers horseshoes, and this DVD is full of it.

We will be helping novices get started safely on the right track to bending big shoes and we will be taking seasoned veterans smoothing out their technique and they are going to start bending shows many levels higher than they are at now.

With all the bonus footage, this disk is 2 hours long and there is not one minute of the disk that you won’t be learning or observing something that is going to help your horseshoe bending.

Thanks to Mike for the outstanding job he did in his first DVD – you looked and sounded like a pro, brother.

Thanks to David Wigren for your assistance and direction with the DVD. Without your contributions, it would not be what it has become.

And thanks to two very good friends of mine who have inspired and helped me over the years in my pursuit of strength, Pat Povilaitis and Dave Whitley, both horseshoe manglers themselves.

Now, my fried, it’s up to you.

Get Hammering Horseshoes and learn how to bend horseshoes today: Hammering Horseshoes DVD.

All the best in your training,


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