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GSP Training – Some Good Stuff

As everyone knows who follows us here at Diesel, I’m a huge MMA fan. As a fan and strength coach, I’m always interested in how the MMA elite are training.

Here is a video of GSP training at Greg Jackson’s place. There is some good stuff in there.

DB One Leg Squats to a Bench
Inverted Ring Rows
Rope Climbing
DB Snatches
DB Jump Squats

Great job! Finally a video of some solid MMA training. Greg Jackson is a premier coach and it looks like his facility is top notch.

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2 Responses to “GSP Training – Some Good Stuff”

  1. Jedd Says:

    Why did St. Pierre tweak his nipples before his last fight?

  2. jamie Says:

    Rashad Evans did the same thing before his fight with Liddell


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