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Gripper Training Update

I have not given up in my quest to re-certify on the IronMind #3 Gripper, which I originally wrote about here: Evolution of the #3 Certification and My Quest to Re-Certify

During August and September, my Gripper Training was primarily focused on 20-mm Block Set work though, because I was preparing for the Holdfast Gauntlet.

Credit Card Set Training: 10/15/13

Here are some clips from a recent session where I worked the Credit Card Set intensely:

I am actually continuing to work both the Credit Card Set and the 20-mm Set for both hands during this time. I will continue to do so until I stop seeing improvement.

Gripper Training with 20-mm Block

I recently was able to smash my Atom Gripz Quad Band for a solid Double and a near Triple with the 20-mm Block:

No doubt my crush is getting stronger this way, as I am getting doubles with that gripper every workout now.

Mash Monster Level 0 Qualification

And, it is not just my right hand that is seeing improvement. I recently attained my MM0 status for the Gripboard Mash Monster system with my left hand, something that took me three different tries in order to attain.

With the Mash Monster Cert, the requirement is to set it to visual parallel prior to closing it. The set and close must be captured clearly for the judges to make their pass/fail call.

The gripper I closed is a 139# rated #3 gripper. This is a light end #3. My plan, at this time, is to sign up for the MM#1 and see where I stand with it, and to be able to try to pin-point a gripper in my collection that rates similarly, so I can focus my left-handed 20-mm training on it.

I truly feel one of the biggest things I have going for me in my gripper training in the near future is that I
now have almost every single gripper I own rated.

What I mean is, I have run each gripper through my own gripper rating system using the same device under as strict
parameters as possible.

So, I essentially know the order all 50+ of my grippers go from weakest to hardest, and I know how all 10 or so of my #3’s compare with one another.

I will now be able to approach my gripper training like someone would build their Bench Press or Squat, gradually moving up in weight a couple of pounds at a time.

This is a HUGE advantage, because there is no more guess work for me.

I just move to the left or right 1 or 2 places on the gripper table and I know
I am squeezing a gripper just a touch harder or slightly weaker.

I feel that gripper rating is a key component to my gripper training, and it will soon create an explosion in the number of new Captains of Crush, similar to the one that took place in and around 2003.

People will know exactly where their grippers lie and be able to set better goals and outline better programs for themselves.

If you are interested in having your grippers rated by me, please let me know.

We can set it up so that you send them, I get them, and I have them rated for you and on their way back the next day.

I have a special going on right now where it will cost you only $5 per gripper to get them rated.

Just email me to set everything up, or contact me on Facebook.

I also have other things I am working on along these lines that will make it EVEN EASIER for you to accomplish your gripper training goals in the future.

More to come. Stay tuned.

All the best in your training.


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  1. Joe Pendleton Says:

    Hey Jedd,
    I just ordered and received your DVDs “Introduction to Strongman Training” and “Braced Bending”. Phenomenal is the best word to describe these.You can tell that you, Steve and Mike really know your stuff. Tons of info that would have taken years to acquire on my own, particularly the injury prevention as I’m starting this stuff late in the game (48). I would really like to commend you on your customer service. Excellent delivery time and I really appreciate the personalized note. Totally enjoyed the 3M article and am looking forward to finding a few more of your DVDs in my Christmas stocking this year. Keep up the excellent work.

    Joe Pendleton

  2. Jedd Johnson Says:

    Thank you very much for the kind words, Joe. I am glad you liked the DVD’s.
    Please let me know which ones you are interested in. I am happy to put together
    a package deal for your wife or whomever does your Christmas shopping.

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