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Grip Training Using Kettlebells

I will explain in just a moment…

Awesome job with this week’s challenge, everybody. We saw some new faces, some we haven’t seen in a while, and some who continue to challenge themselves week in and week out. It’s great watching everyone push themselves in lifts that they may not normally try!

This week’s challenge was the Bottoms Up Press. This is just one way you can use kettlebells in order to strengthen the hands. If you want to find out other ways to get a stronger grip with kettlebells, check out our Advanced Kettlebell Training eBooks.

The scoring for this week’s challenge involved multiplying the weight of the kettlebell in pounds by the number of repetitions in the Bottoms Up Press. I was looking for complete reps and started the 1-minute time limit once the bell began moving upwards on the first repetition. If the reps looked short to me, I docked them and tried to be consistent as possible.

This week’s winner is Andy Thomas, dominating his 35-lb Kettlebell for an even 30 good reps (a couple looked a little short).

Regardless of the number of reps, you guys did awesome! The challenge for next week should be up some time tomorrow!

Anybody else think Brian Wilson’s beard is starting to resemble a kettlebell???

Check out the Diesel Universe wreaking havoc on the Bottoms Up Press.

Mike Rojas
70-lbs X 5 Reps = 350 Points

Rick Giese
53-lbs X 9 Reps = 477 Points

Andy Thomas
35-lbs X 30 Reps = 1050 Points

Richard Manchur
35-lbs X 13 Reps = 455 Points

44-lbs X 9 Reps = 396 Points

Carlos Rodriguez
15-lbs X 28 Reps = 420 Points

Gene Pires
35-lbs X 25 Reps = 875 Points

All the best in your training.


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Carrying a Snatch Test ‘Bell on his chin,
Brian Wilson might have a stronger neck than Mike Bruce…

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9 Responses to “Grip Training Using Kettlebells”

  1. Andy Thomas Says:

    Wow! Thanks Jedd! I would like to acknowledge that everyone pushing a heavier bell could have taken the top spot. I have a 16kg bell and a 24kg competition bell, the 24kg is SO awkward that I chose high reps with the 16kg. While I am VERY excited to finally win a weekly challenge, I realize that it was because I chose a lighter bell and not because I am stronger or have a better grip. Much respect to everyone that competed.

  2. Jeremy Priestner | Art of Lifting Says:

    Nice work everyone. I love the competitions aspect of diesel crew.

  3. Mike the Machine bruce Says:

    LOL Jedd, I don’t know man I don’t think I can pull off the beard like Mr. Wilson. He may have me beat in Neck strength very soon.

    Keep the Faith my friend.

    Mike the Machine

  4. Jedd Johnson Says:

    I don’t think anybody can pull that thing off, literally or figuratively.

    What would be awesome is if one day prior to a pitch he just pulls it off his face and says it was a fake beard the whole time.

  5. Jedd Johnson Says:

    Great to hear man. I know a lot of people dig them. I want to see 20 submissions per week though!

  6. Jedd Johnson Says:

    Andy, you did a great job bro. You followed the rules. Nothing to be ashamed of. Good job.

  7. gene pires Says:

    where is the next one? I got a dog waiting to be lifted.

  8. Jedd Johnson Says:

    It will be up soon. I got about half way done and then I had to work on an article for Men’s Fitness. It should be up later this evening.


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