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Blob and Inch Dumbbell Farmers Walk


As I am writing this, I am pretty stoked!

Blob (L) and Inch Dumbbell (R)

If you are on my newsletter, on the 4th of July you should have gotten a note from me on the 4th of July telling you to get out there and have an Independence Day Workout and to choose some stuff that you just plain wanted to do for the enjoyment and to celebrate the Freedom you have to do whatever the hell you want to!

I also did the same thing. I said screw it and went out and tried some stuff I have never done before in a training session here at my awesome home gym.

One of the things I tried was a Farmer’s Walk with both the Blob (Next Generation) and the Inch Dumbbell.

If you remember, at Sorinex, I couldn’t even deadlift the Inch and Blob at the same time, so I was pretty pleased to get such good results here in my drive way

Blob and Inch Dumbbell Farmer’s Walk

As you can see, I walked them so far the first time, that I walked out of the screen on my Flip Cam. It was a total surprise to me to get this. My hands were just feeling so good! A couple days before this, I had spent a ton of time in a swimming pool, so maybe that had something to do with it. I went over to the filter return where it blows the water back into the pool from the filter cleaning unit and let it beat on my thumb pad and pinky pad – felt AWAZING.

I am really looking forward to Nationals, which are this weekend in Crooksville Ohio, this Saturday. If you are in the area and would like to watch, please leave a comment or email me. All I ask is $5 to go toward food and port-o-john expenses!

Once Nationals is over with, I plan on taking a week off of Grip Training to get rejuvenated, which is pretty much what I do each year, and is the only real Grip Training Drought I go through each year. I moderate volume and intensity throughout the year, but don’t do much along the lines of “time off” that much at all, as I have learned how to keep my training volume in check for the most part.

However, once that week of time off is over, it is right back into the swing of things with the World’s Strongest Hands Series.

World’s Strongest Hands Series II – 2011

The World’s Strongest Hands Series is organized by David Horne and there are contests going on all over the world.

I would love to have a decent sized group at each stage of the series here at my place in PA. For more information on the World’s Strongest Hands Series, check out this post I put up a while back: Grip Strength Contests – World’s Strongest Hands

Regional Grip Championship

Also as a quick addition, this year the contests I run here in PA will be part of a Regional Championship Series for the 2011-2012 Grip Sport Calendar. In addition to the 4 events pre-determined for WSH II, I will hold at least one additional event. I am not sure what name I will be going with. At first I thought of Pennsylvania’s Strongest Hands, but I may go with something a bit larger, like the East Coast Regional Grip Championship, as I know several people from Maryland and New York State may indeed be coming.

Either way, stay tuned for a lot of Grip action. I figure, if something is worth being done, it is worth being done RIGHT.

So stay tuned for more on this, and please post below if you are interested in coming!

All the best in your training.


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2 Responses to “Blob and Inch Dumbbell Farmers Walk”

  1. Kevin Greto Says:

    I’ve been looking for a contest or two to test my axle deadlift in. This Regional Grip Championship sounds interesting, I should be around.

  2. Todd Says:

    Yowsers!Jedd, every time that I come by here, you’re doing some amazing feats of strength, and make me want to start training like this. That blob looks insane to hold on to.

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