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Grip Strength Radio: Bob Lipinski

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Grip Strength Radio Episode 21 with Bob Lipinski

In this episode we talk to Bob Lipinski.

Bob is a competing powerlifters as well as Grip Sport Athlete, and has been running Grip Contests in Michigan for about 10 years. Bob is also a certified Captain of Crush, closing the #3 in the early 2000’s.

In the interview, we talk about several other cool things, including some of the major stars of the Michigan area, and we come to realize the Dave Thornton has been the most dominant force in America in the World’s Strongest Hands series since its inception in 2010, placing extremely high not only in the final standings, but also in each individual leg, every single round.

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Doc and I are most likely going to be doing more frequent shows now, as he has gotten a new job which will allow him more time to commit to the shows.

If this is the first episode you’ve heard, then also make sure to check out the other episodes we have done, dating back to like 2006, or something like that: Grip Strength Radio

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