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Grip Strength for Earth Day

Hello everybody. I hope you, your family and your training are all doing well!

I just had an idea that I am very excited about and I want to tell everyone about.

Grip Strength for Earth Day 2010

As you know, I am a Grip Strength fanatic. I train grip every workout, I compete in grip contests, I do rubber band extensions at night when I watch TV, I do Grip Strength feats for the auditors at work to lighten the mood a bit – I LOVE GRIP STRENGTH.

However, another thing that I am very serious about is the environment. From preventing pollution to landfill waste management, I try to do whatever I can to help out.


I readily participate in Earth Day clean-up operations where we go around and pick up trash around the roads.

I also recycle everything from plastic bottles, to aluminum cans, to tin cans, and newspaper. In fact my old workout area, before i got my new Garage gym, is packed with recycling stuff that we take to the collection site every so often.

Another thing that I recycle is phone books and catalogs that I rip in half. I keep all of my torn phone books and catalogs in cat litter containers until it is time to take the recycling to the collection point.

So, here’s my idea…

Earth Day is April 22nd. This year for Earth Day, I want to do something over-and-beyond what I normally do. I want to see how many phone books, and decks of cards I can rip and then recycle for Earth Day.

I want you to send me any phone books or decks of cards you have lying around the house so that I can tear them in half and then promptly take to the recycling station shortly after that.

I think if we work together, I could tear a sick pile of phone books and cards. All you have to do is send them my way. Here’s the address:

Jedd Johnson
PO Box 806
Wyalusing PA 18853

I don’t care if you have a phone book that is half an inch thick or 4 inches thick – whether you live in a metropolis with millions of people or a small town without a single traffic light. The idea is not to try to tear the biggest phone books, it is to collect as much paper as possible to be turned in for recycling.

I DO want you to test me though.
I expect to get a workout out of this, so don’t be afraid to send me something huge, either.

I will do all of the tearing on Saturday, April 24th at my garage gym and I will be streaming everything live on UStream.

I will get everything set up so that you can watch as I destroy countless phone books in an effort to reduce landfill space taken up by discarded phone books!

To sweeten the deal,
I will also make a monetary donation to the agency or association of choice for someone who has sent me at least one phone book or deck of cards. Just send the books or cards to the address above, along with your name and the charity, organization, agency, etc. of your choice.

So, help me spread the word! Copy the link from this page and post it on all the forums, you know of. Send it out on Twitter, post it to your Facebook wall, send out a MySpace bulletin – do whatever you can, because I want to rip phone books on April 24th until my hands are just a cookin’!

You can also, embed the code to the video below so everyone can match a face to the name of the guy who is going to support Earth Day by doing Grip Strength Feats! Just double-click on the video to go to YouTube and grab the embed code.

Thanks for your support, and here’s that address again:

Jedd Johnson
PO Box 806
Wyalusing PA 18853

P.S. Again, if you have no phone books or cards to send, then you can still help out by spreading the word. THANKS!


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4 Responses to “Grip Strength for Earth Day”

  1. Joe Hashey Says:

    awesome idea Jedd!

  2. Rob Says:

    Great Jedd, will try and send some stuff from the UK and spread the word too!

  3. Bob Vanderpool Says:

    What a great idea! I’ll make sure to make the announcement at my son’s Cub Scout Pack Meeting tommorrow afternoon to see how much we can collect for you!

  4. Jedd Says:

    Thanks a lot for making the announcement Bob!


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