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Gray Maynard – Rope Climbing – Grip Strength

Check out this video from ESPN Sports Science, showing Gray Maynard, UFC Fighter.

Especially look for the Grip Strength Measuring Device that they use in the video, called a dynamometer.

The Dynamometer

The device that Maynard squeezes in the video is called a dynamometer.

While I am sure that Maynard has a fantastic Grip, one thing to take note of is that the numbers that come off a dynamometer can be very dependent on the set-up you use.

For instance, the way the handle is positioned, whether you set it properly, and how your arm positioned, can all have an effect.

Handle Position
The dynamometer (at least the one I used for years) has an adjustable handle, so you can test grip strength at very wide and very narrow settings.

Setting the Dynamometer
Positioning the handles properly in your hands can enable to pull a much bigger number on the device.

Arm Position

Whether your elbow is at your side or straight out in front of you as well as whether you keep your forearm in neutral or if you supinate during the squeeze can dictate synergistic muscular involvement during the crushing action and have an effect on the number you get.

I don’t want to take anything away from Maynard in regards to his Grip. All I am saying is that with a different test of grip strength, the comparison could have been much different. Obviously the dude’s grip is fantastic or else he would not be able to move up the rope that quickly.

I am glad to see something like Grip Strength get a focus in such a main-stream program.

Hopefully next time they test grip strength, they will use some torsion spring grippers or even the Vulcan Gripper for the Gripper Training.

Speaking of Gripper Training, I need to update you on the Gripper Training DVD I have been working on…

Gripper Training DVD Update

I have been working my ass off
on the Gripper Training DVD, which I started talking about several weeks ago.

I had said before that I was close to releasing it, but as I went through it, I realized a few things…

I realized that there was more to be shot.

I wanted to cover more detail on Gripper training for you.

I wanted to give more viewpoints and more angles.

I wanted to make it seem like you and I were in the same room, training together, like I am coaching you to a new PR.

This thing is getting to be pretty damned AWESOME, and I know you are going to love it once it comes out.

In fact, while I wrote this quick post, I even thought of a couple more things to include in it.

All the best in your training,


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