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Grip Strength Challenge Week 9

I hope you got the chance to try this week’s challenge, Finger Walking an 8-lb Sledge Hammer, because it is actually a fantastic way to train the hands for balance and hand health. In fact a few of the people who tried it commented on how good it made their hands feel.

Now it is time to vote. Please vote for who you think should win the Grip Strength Challenge. Who dominated it? Who tried the hardest? Who did the coolest version of the feat? Make your decision and leave a comment with your vote.

REMEMBER – This week’s winner gets a free copy of Home Made Strength II – Grip Strength Edition!

Eric St-Onge


Gregory Jimenez

Darrin Shallman

Mike RInderle

Richard Santos

Daniel Reinard

Andy Thomas

Matt Hunt

Gene Pires

Fat Gripz

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17 Responses to “Grip Strength Challenge Week 9”

  1. Boris Terzic Says:

    Eric St-Onge got my vote!

  2. Brian Says:

    Matt Hunt as always was close but my vote is for Daniel Reihard

  3. Gregory Jimenez Says:

    Hello Jedd and The Diesel Universe, It is an Awesome Honour to be mentioned on the Diesel Site for the first time.I have been watching the diesel site for about 6 years, i slacked on my training on and off,more consistant now,i injured my lower back three weeks ago, re-adjusting my focus, if i am allowed to vote for myself then i will vote for gregory jimenez, if not i vote for the guy hanging from the rock climbing hold Daniel Reinard.third matt hunt
    for the hold.
    everyone else did great still. Cheers..Gregory Jimenez for the Win. Thank You!!

  4. gene pires Says:

    dan reihard

  5. Mike Rinderle Says:

    Daniel Reinard gets my vote. If I hung from one arm for more than a couple seconds, my arm would rip clean off my body! Great job everyone and great challenge Jedder!

  6. Chris Says:

    Daniel Reinard!

  7. Gary Says:

    Darrin Shallman was Great with 22.4 lb.

  8. Joe Says:

    My vote goes to bro Darrin Shallman.

  9. Frank Pizzo Says:

    Respect to everyone who completed this feat. Daniel Reinard’s hang with one arm was a very close second to Darrin Shallman in my book. Fingerwalking a 22 lb hammer (even only halfway) after he allready did an 8 lb was very impressive to me. Great job Darrin…my vote goes to you.

  10. Rick Walker Says:

    Mike Rinderle!

  11. Matt Hunt Says:


  12. Todd Coenen Says:

    Very tough to pick a winner this week. All videos were top notch! Based on creativity I’m going to go with Mike Rinderle as the winner followed very closely by Daniel Reinard. Also, huge props go out to Gene Pires for gutting it out and coming up with a very strong finish to the challenge. Great job by all.

  13. David Wigren Says:

    My vote goes to Pitt. Two 10 lbs sledges at the same time, impressive!

  14. Daniel Reinard Says:

    St-Onge! Back to back walks for that forearm pump. Great job by all! And great addition to my grip strength routine, thanks Jedd.

  15. Jason Steeves Says:


  16. Ryan Says:


  17. Zac Says:

    Daniel Reinard fo sho bro!

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