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Grip Strength Challenge – Week 11 – Towel Pull-ups

Josh McIntyre wins the Week 10 Challenge, taking position on his throne of Power in the Weekly Grip Strength Challenge Saga… – Check out the video below

This Week’s Challenge – Towel Pull-ups

One of the easiest ways to implement Grip Strength Training is with Towel Pull-ups. This exercise trains not only your arms, back, and shoulders, but also makes your hands tough as nails.

Josh McIntire has won 75% of the Weekly Challenges. Will he add this week’s feat to his list of Grip Feat Domination? Or will someone else step up and kick the King off his Throne?

Rules for the Weekly Diesel Grip Strength Challenge:

1. Every Sunday/Monday, check to see what the Grip Feat is for the week.

2. Shoot a video of yourself by the following Friday completing the feat.

3. In the video, you must include the following phrase: “I’m ____________, and this is my video for the Weekly Diesel Grip Challenge at” Hit the feat and upload it to YouTube!

4. The Information for your YouTube Video Must Be:

Title: “ Grip Strength Challenge – Name of the Feat”

Description: Name of the Feat for the Week

Tags: Grip Strength, Grip Training, Hand Strength, Hand Strength Training, Strong Wrists

5. Email me at jedd dot diesel at gmail dot com with the link to the video. I must receive the email with the video link no later than 8PM EST on Friday.

6. I will post all of the videos that qualify here on the Diesel site. My goal will be to post all of the videos I receive by Saturday at 8PM, EST.

7. Viewers at the Diesel site will leave comments, deciding who has the best video and who should win a prize. Voting will continue until Sunday at 8PM, EST.

8. Whoever is voted “Best Video” for the Weekly Grip Strength Challenge, will receive a special limited edition Diesel Tee Shirt.

9. Videos can not contain anything that may be offensive to Diesel readers. Getting pumped up is fine, but you WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED if you use racial, ethnic, sexual slurs and things like this. We do reserve the right to disallow a video if we deem it inappropriate.

Are you the next Conan?

All the best in your training.


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