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Grip Strength Challenge – Stool / Chair Lift

Time for everybody to vote! Who has the best Stool / Chair Lift this week?

Bob Lipinski

Josh McIntyre


Daniel Reinard

David Wigren

David Wigren

Frank Pizzo

Andy Thomas

Thanks for voting!

All the best in your training!


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31 Responses to “Grip Strength Challenge – Stool / Chair Lift”

  1. Josh McIntyre Says:

    I vote for Blob because I have those same shorts and I like drinking beer.

  2. jen viquez Says:

    i vote for josh mcintyre

  3. Frank Pizzo Says:

    Great job everyone…but my vote goes to Andy Thomas this week.

  4. Michael H Says:

    Wow! Those are all a bunch of great lifts! I’d pick them all if I could, but instead I’ll pick Pitt. He kept his wrists straight for quite awhile and it was also his first time, too.

  5. Istto Says:

    My vote is for McIntyre. (didnt quite get what Daniel was trying to do…..?–just sayin)

  6. Timber Says:

    watched ’em all. I like Josh McIntyre (my vote)

  7. Denim Says:

    yo, I vote McIntyre. Funny dude too.

  8. Janine Says:

    I vote McIntyre

  9. Denise Hall Says:

    Hey guy’s, great challenge this week! GRrrrrr…You all are some gripping dudes! LOL….. Well you all did a great job but the one that stands out to me is Frank… so that’s my vote!!….Woot! Woot! 😀

  10. Andy Thomas Says:

    My vid was SO bad it got dropped!! LOL! JK, looks like cyber issues!

  11. Brandi Hall Says:

    Dominate!!………. Frank the Tank gets my vote!

  12. Big Mike Says:

    Josh Mcintyre all the way

  13. nick Says:

    Daniel Reinard get my vote. This fool hangs up side down and pwnz all these noobs. Way to represent!

  14. gene pires Says:

    Pizzo gets my vote. gets real low on the stool and held out straight.

    but Wigren has some sweet 80’s headbanging muzak.

  15. Christine Leander Says:

    Josh McIntyre..Takes confidence to do that by those glass doors!

  16. David Wigren Says:

    Daniel Reinard gets my vote. He did the only thing with a stool lift that I myself couldn’t duplicate. At least not without falling and breaking my neck, haha

  17. Jane Says:

    Got to be McIntyre with multiple balancing chairs!

  18. Ray Says:

    My vote’s for Josh McIntyre!

  19. Michael Says:


  20. Björn Says:

    Pitt..did it the longest and looked the most stable with two chairs.

  21. Karen Says:

    McIntyre all the way!

  22. Caelyn M Says:

    Josh McIntyre – every day is training day!

  23. Rocco Poliseo Says:

    JoSH McIntyre!! 2 chairs and you hit the floor!

  24. Laura Says:

    Josh McIntyre gets my vote!!

  25. PC Says:

    I am going with Josh McIntyre this week.

  26. chrisg Says:

    Josh McIntyre all day!

  27. Todd Coenen Says:

    I think this is the toughest week yet to pick a winner. All the videos were excellent. I’m going to go with David Wigren.

  28. Jess Says:

    McIntyre. I’m impressed he didnt throw the chairs through the glass.

  29. Steve Says:

    Frank Pizzo gets my vote.

  30. Joe Says:


  31. Peter Hellman Says:

    David Wigren for the win!
    He is an awsome bender and sledge leverer aswell!

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