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Grip Sport News Story

This past Monday, an area news station, WETM in Elmira / Corning, NY, came to my garage gym here in Bradford County, Pennsylvania, and they ran the story on Thursday night.

Below is the video clip. In it I talk about my competitive history in Baseball, Strongman and Grip, I talk about what is included in a Grip Contest, as well as the backgrounds of some of the competitors – after all, Grip Sport isn’t just a bunch of hulkish 300+ pound monsters…

Read the story here: Jedd Johnson Grip Strength Story

Want more info on Grip Sport? Check this out: North American Grip Sport Page

Image courtesy WETM Elmira / Corning

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11 Responses to “Grip Sport News Story”

  1. Christopher Tellefsdal Says:

    This is really cool Jedd!
    It is about time someone noticing the new sport of grip!

  2. Eric Moss Says:

    awesome! now how on earth did you get that news guy to be able to rip a phone book in the amount of time it takes to do a news story?

  3. Jedd Johnson Says:

    @Eric Moss – I am a good coach, bro!

  4. Jedd Johnson Says:

    @ Christopher Tellefsdal – Thanks brother.

  5. Jon Williams Says:

    You’re the man Jedd! Huge fan! I totally agree with Chris!

  6. Rick Walker Says:

    Some fat dude is on his couch watching the news right now, drinking a Schlitz and eating a pork rind saying, “Shit…I can do that…”

    Good stuff.

  7. Al Kavadlo Says:

    Congrats, Jedd! Great to see you getting some mainstream attention!

  8. Carlos Rodriguez Says:

    Awesome way to represent the Sport Jedd,

  9. Ben Edwards Says:


    Congrats on a big TV interview man! You represented the sport quite well. And the interviewer seemed to be quite fond of you too – plus teaching him to tear the phonebook on camera was genius!

    Hell, I got fired up just watching the video. Imagine that interviewer watching you get hyped up. His heart must’ve been going like a hummingbird.

    Ben Edwards

  10. Jedd Johnson Says:

    Thanks, Ben!

  11. NBC News: Jedd Johnson « Blog Says:

    […] Click Here to view the video at Diesel Crew […]

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