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Test of Grip Strength Endurance – Pinch Hold for Time


I hope you have all had a fantastic fourth of July. I also hope you got the chance to spend time with family and also to get a good training session in.

This week’s challenge is inspired by my buddy, Mike Rojas from Strong 101 Gym!

Mike won one of the weekly challenges a few weeks back, in the One Hand Dumbbell Snatch. When he received his shirt, he immediately threw it on and did some Grip Training, and this is what he did…

Two Hands Pinch Holds for Time

Two Hand Pinch Holds are great for developing thumb strength, full hand strength, and for endurance. Just look at how Mike had to focus in so that he could get a good time. He said he got to 1 minute, 14 seconds – BAD ASS!

Requirements for this lift:

1. Must be two 45’s or two 20-kg plates with smooth sides

2. Plates must be positioned smooth-sides-out

3. Must use a double overhand (pronated grip)

4. Must lift the plates together off the floor with both hands and hold for time without touching the plates against your body

5. Your time begins when the plates leave the floor and ends when one or both plates slip out of the hands

6. Video requirements:

  • Title: – Grip Strength Challenge – Two Hand Pinch Hold
  • Description: Grip Strength
  • Tags: grip strength, thumb strength, pinch grip training

7. Upload you video to YouTube and send me the link by 8 PM on Friday, July 8th, please!

8. Have fun. Try multiple attempts. Send in your best, even if you give it go multiple times per week!

Here is a video demonstration of the Two Hand Pinch Hold for Time:

Send me your submissions, DIESELS!


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