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Wild Card Grip Strength Challenge #3 – The Medley


It is time to get your medley on for this week’s Grip Strength Challenge…

I will be gone most of the weekend, so please feel free to attempt the medley and submit videos right up until Sunday at 5 PM!!!

Scoring for the Various Medley Items

Smooth Sides Out Pinch
2-25’s – 1 point
2-35’s – 1 point
2-45’s – 2 points

Hex DB Lift
30 – 1 point
40 – 1 point
50 – 2 points

8-lb Sledge 30″ Handle

Nose Lever – 1 point
Slim Lever – 1 point
Deadlift with coin – 2 points

Grippers with Blocks

1 – 1 point
2 – 1 point
3 – 2 points

25 – 1 point
35 – 1 point
45 – 2 points
(You can add weight to a lighter plate to get the heavier plate

Towel Pull-ups
1 rep – 1 point
2 reps – 2 points
3 reps – 3 points

BW or Heavier Straddle Deadlift
1 rep – 1 points
2 reps – 2 points
3 reps – 3 points

Here are a few videos of myself giving my own medley a try. I can tell you this for sure – this is a small medley but 3 minutes is still a very short time to get even this small amount of stuff done, so don’t stumble through it. Try to get through it as quickly as possible.

Attempt #1

Score: 12 Points

Attempt #2

Score: 20 Points

Attempt #3

Score: 18 Points

TIPS: Make sure to get the easy stuff. Don’t leave points on the platform. A few times I did not remember the easier feats and it cost me points. Also if you have someone who can watch your time, ask them to help you because I had more time than I thought on the last attempt and could have closed the #1 and #2, which would have added two more points to my score and gotten me 20 points again.

Alright DIESELS, get ON it! And get your video uploaded. Remember you can submit until Sunday at 5 PM!

Thanks and all the best!


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  1. Jason Steeves Says:

    Fun little medley Jedd!

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