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Grip Contest in Pennsylvania: Hands Across the Sea – North American Location

Hands Across the Sea Grip Contest

Head Organizer: David Horne
Locale Promoter: Jedd Johnson
Date: Saturday, February 8th, 2014
Times: Weigh-ins: 8:30 to 10 AM Rules: 9AM, Warm-ups: 9:30, Contest Begins 10:30AM Final Wrap-up: 3PM
Location: Jedd’s Gym, Wyalusing PA
Entrance Fee: $20

Additional Events: After the contest, if time allows, we will have an open training session. You will also be able to take attempts at NAGS qualification lifts, Grip Monsters Challenge, and other On-line Challenges.

1. Two Hands Pinch Lift: 4 Attempts to Get Your Max Lift
2. Stub – Hold: Hold for time using specified weights. (Rules Below)
3. IronMind Gripper #4, #3 or #2 – Silver Bullet: Hold for Time with 2.5-kilograms. (Rules Below)

Rules – 4 attempts allowed on each event if you wish
Event 1 – Two Hands Pinch Lift
The width of the pinch apparatus is adjustable to suit different hand sizes, but to keep it within the spirit of a pinch lift the minimum width allowed is the 2 outer steel discs and 2 rubber spacer discs, a width of 24mm. Before the event starts, you will be given the opportunity to try it and find your best width. The smooth-sided, adjustable-width disc is held on a 2” thick metal rod by a pair of collars. Extra weights will be added to the outsides. The top of this is grasped with an overhand pinch grip (with no further than a 3” gap between the index fingers) and lifted until the end of the bar touches a horizontal bar placed at 16.5”, measured from the underside of the bar to the floor. There is no referee’s signal. You do not have to be erect upon completion. You must lower the weight under control. If the outer discs accidentally touch the bar before the bar itself, referee’s discretion will be used to judge whether the correct height was attained. Pinch gripping the discs using an unorthodox underhand grip will not be allowed.

Additional equipment rules: 1. The apparatus has to be loaded with the same number of discs on each side, in the same order, and has to weigh similar (max 1k tolerance between the total weight of the weights at the front, and weights at the rear). 2. The heaviest discs should be loaded nearest to the adjustable pinch discs themselves. 3. The spacer/collars that hold the inside adjustable discs together should be the same length. 4. The discs added should be smaller in height than the adjustable discs you grasp, so that the view of the lifters hands are not totally obscured, and the lift starts from the proper height.

Event 2 – Stub Hold
1. The usual Stub rules apply; except you do not have to lift the apparatus to a certain height. Timing is started from the moment the weight is lifted off the floor, and stopped when it either drops out of the hands, or it is put down. The apparatus is not allowed to touch the legs or any other bodyparts apart from the hands holding it.

2. The minimum time accepted in the contest is 5 seconds. All times are rounded down to the full second ie. 17.77secs, becomes 17secs.

3. Weights to be used are: 21k, 19k, 16k, 13k, 10k or 7k if needed.

4. The best way to operate this event in a contest is to go from heavy (21k) to light, and this means that someone can have an attempt at the heavier weight, and if they fail they can fall back to a lighter weight.

Event 3 – IronMind Gripper – Silver Bullet

Not official record attempt.

1. Must use a CoC gripper #4, #3 or #2.

2. The best way to operate this event in a contest is to go from #4 to #2, and this means that someone can have an attempt at the tougher gripper, and if they fail they can fall back to an easier one.

3. A genuine IronMind CoC Silver Bullet must be used, with 2.5 kg of weight hanging from the strap silver bullet and this weight may take the form of either an IWF or IPF certified recognized (calibrated) plate or some other weight that has been demonstrated to be no less that 2.50 kg on a certified or otherwise demonstrably-accurate scale.

4. The CoC Silver Bullet is inserted by the competitor no deeper than up to the top edge of the clear band, so that the script Captains of Crush® is legible, and so that all four fingers are in contact with the CoC gripper handle* (dropping the pinky completely off the end of the gripper handle is expressly prohibited).

5. Using one or two hands, the competitor closes the CoC No. 3 in his own time so that the two handles hold the CoC Silver Bullet in place and once this position has been achieved, and only one hand is holding the gripper shut, the referee gives the signal to start the clock. If the competitor fails to get a secure hold on the CoC Silver Bullet he is allowed one chance to reset it.

6. The hand must be held with the gripper approximately vertical.

7. Time stops when the Silver Bullet drops from the handles or when the referee observes any opening of the gripper handle for any reason whatsoever.

*This means on the “top” side of the handle, as the fingers are normally positioned.

If you have any questions at all, please post below.

All the best in your training,


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