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Got Core Strength? Try KB Rocks!

powerful core rotation

Got Torso Strength?

The core is not only about building strength in fixed movement patterns, it is also defined as developing the required torso rigidity (isometric contraction of the anterior and posterior chains) to prevent injury and express power.

Lats are part of the core too!

Lats are part of the core too!

In this new video, you’ll see another Diesel Crew original, Kettlebell Rocks.  They are named rocks because you have to remain rigid and unwavering during the partner engagement.

The partner will throw the kb side to side at the peak of the swing.  This is the exact moment that the lifter will brace, flex their lats, contract their abdominals and entire posterior chain to keep the kb path in line with a conventional swing.

The partner should be forceful and not tentative with their part of the movement.  This movement is very CNS intensive and because of this, I would recommend anywhere from 8-12 reps to ensure quality.

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6 Responses to “Got Core Strength? Try KB Rocks!”

  1. Dan Cenidoza Says:

    Very innovative and well thought out Smitty.

  2. Jim Smith Says:

    Thanks bro.

  3. Doug Fioranelli Says:

    I know what I am going to throw in as a finisher tomorrow.
    Thanks Smitty you rock the bells!

  4. Max Shank Says:

    Second what Dan said. Dig the new look of the site as well.

  5. Frank Says:

    Great stabilization drill!

  6. Darius Gilbert Says:

    Awesome exercise!

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