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First Blobs. Now Globs? WTF???


I am at Juniata right now roughing people up, stealing lunch money and getting in good workouts with other serious strength coaches right now, BUT, I also managed to find some time to put up another post here on the site amidst all of the mayhem.

Right now, I want to show you what the Glob is. We already covered Blobs the other day here = > Blob Lifting Information. Now it is time to take a look at the Glob.

the glob

The Glob was named by my buddy, Chris Mathison. He chopped up a 60-lb York Globe Dumbbell and sent me half because he is DIESEL to the core.

When he did so, York aficionados and collectors all over the world fell to their knees in pain like they got stabbed in the back like a voodoo doll or something, but he is fearless and wanted to challenge me, so thanks again Chris!!!

Because the Glob comes from a Globe Dumbbell, it is spherical in shape and its overall size makes it incredibly hard to lift. This is one where hand size reigns supreme. If you do not have monster hands, you have no chance of lifting this piece of iron.

In 2008, I put this in the medley at Nationals and I drew a white line the whole way around its circumference and the stipulation was that no part of the thumb or fingertip could cross that line in order to lift it. It was really no surprise that most of the group could not lift it that year as their hands were just not large enough to do it. However, Rex and Chad could not do it either and they both have mammoth hands.

Having it in the medley really isn’t fair anymore due to the hand size issue
, so I have never put it back into the medley since that year…

Like many feats over the years, I have trained my ass off to get them and then once I do I forget about them and cast the implement aside like a dirt pair of socks and that is pretty much what I did with this one.

So, I recently wanted to lay down a challenge for myself to attempt some of the feats that I have done in the past. Sort of like how I just decided on a whim to try and lift the Blob Clone last Winter and thus that is how the concept of Misses are Just Warm-ups came to be.

Lifting the Glob was much the same. I had to try many times in order to get it to lockout, because my hand was not used to that extreme open hand position. However, after several all-out misses and a few close calls I was again able to get it.

Video: Lifting the Half 60-lb Glob – Half of a 60-lb Globe Dumbbell

So, once again, the adage holds true…

Misses are Just Warm-ups.

If you miss, don’t just quit.

It can sometimes take me ten tries or more to get a certain feat, whether it is grip or overhead lifting, or even bench pressing.

Try a few times and see if you can get stuff.

You may just be surprised by how much your performance can increase once you find the right gripping spots, the right position for your hands or body alignment, the right warm-up, etc. And then, once you pop it off the ground an inch, you might just be able to get it off 6 inches next time, then a couple feet, and then maybe even to lockout.

Give it a try, DIESELS!

All the best in your training.


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  1. Andy Thomas Says:

    Awesome looking implement! I bet that thing’s a beast to lift!

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