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Get Your Mind Right

Imagine this…

There’s a challenge before you…

You’re the under dog

The road ahead is long and bumpy

The deck is stacked against you…

It’s an uphill battle

Yet you remain confident.

You stay focused.

You keep your eyes on the prize.

You are determined.

You can make successhappen .

Never let the negative thoughts of others around you get in the way of your goals.

See it in your head.

See yourself accomplishing your goals.

See yourself hit your depth and come out of the hole strong for a successful squat.

See the ball flying out of your hand and into the receivers for a touchdown.

See it before it happens, and you’ll be that much closer to making it happen.

And make sure those around you see it that way too.

MAKE it a great day.



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3 Responses to “Get Your Mind Right”

  1. Homer Says:

    This always gets me pumped:

  2. Tom Godwin Says:

    I think that the mental game of fitness is oftern over looked. If your not in a goal orientated, motivated and focused frame of mind life becomes very hard!

    Don’t just train the body, train the mind too!


  3. Adam Says:

    Jedd this is just awesome. So people just don’t get what doubt can do to people. Thanks for posting

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