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New Service: Know the Exact Strength Rating of Your Grippers

Gripper Ratings and How They are Done

One movement that has become more and more common amongst gripper specialists and those who compete in Grip Contests is to have their grippers rated.

The way this is done is by using a device called the RGC to hold the gripper in place and then hang weight from the end of the handles until they touch together.

It is a very reliable process, and the results are often very repeatable.

Many people over the years, after having seen that I own a device called the RGC that will rate the strength of your hand grippers, have asked me to rate their grippers on my device. With the increased popularity of Gripper Ratings, I have decided to make this a service here on the site.

In the video below, I take you through the entire Gripper Rating Process:

Benefits of Having Your Grippers Rated

Comparisons Between Manufacturers: Having your grippers rated helps to be able to compare the strength of Grippers that are from different manufacturers that use different numbering systems, such as Heavy Grips and IronMind, as well as companies that do not assign a numeric value to their grippers, such as the Tetting/Beef Builders and Manus Grips.

Contest Preparation: On top of all that, it also makes it real easy for you to know where you are at as far as your current gripper strength and what to try to close at a contest. For instance, if you know that you are closing 145-lb rated #3 grippers in your training, then you know it is probably a safe bet that you will be able to close a gripper at that rating when you go to the competition.

Training Progression Models: Another advantage is that you can more easily apply classic progression models to your training when you have them rated. For instance, if your grippers are all rated and you know that you have a 120, 124, 129, and 133, then you can treat them as if you are adding weight to a barbell in the Bench Press or Deadlift, and go for a set of 6 with the 120, a set of 4 with the 124, hit some doubles on the 129, and then finish with some singles attempts on the 133.

There are so many benefits to having your grippers rated, that they far outweigh the negatives.

Negatives of Gripper Ratings

Handle Thickness: We can look at handle thickness as an example that throws off the ratings. For instance, as far as I know, Robert Baraban grippers have a slightly thicker handle. This makes them easier to close because you don’t need to move the handles as far. So even if the rating of an RB is equal to that of a Captain of Crush, the COC will most likely feel harder to close because you must force the handles together by moving a further distance.

Condition of Knurling: Also, things such as the condition of the knurling on your gripper handles can throw off the “feel” of the effort required to close a gripper. For instance, if you have 4 #3 grippers and two are about 10 years old, while the other two are only a few months old, then it is likely that the older grippers’ knurling is worn and the newer grippers’ knurling is more rough. The rougher knurling may make the #3 grippers feel a bit easier to close, even if the ratings of all the grippers come out the same. Remember, the rating device is testing the strength of the spring primarily.

And these are the types of points you will come to know as you train with your rated grippers more.

Over the last year, many people have asked me to rate their grippers. They love having their Grippers rated because it allows them to have numbers that actually mean something, versus the multiple number assignments that exist, which do not line up with one another.

Other Ideas I am Developing

I also plan on printing an informative packet on the gripper rating process for all customers who send me their grippers to rate. A major part of this packet will involve information on the rating process, specifics for my procedure, details of note regarding your specific grippers as well as how to keep your grippers in good condition for the long haul.

How to Get Your Grippers Rated

You will be able to send your grippers and I will put them through the rating process. The prices for this service are as follows:

  • $10 per Gripper for 1 to 4 Grippers
  • 6 Grippers for $50
  • 13 Grippers for $100

This cost includes return shipping on the Grippers (within the US).

I can do pretty much any gripper from IronMind, GHP, HG, Tetting/Beef Builder, Manus, etc.

I can not rate grippers like the HG400 and HG500 because their handles are too thick and will not sit in the guide on the rating device.

I also can not rate Vulcan Grippers or V2′s as they are too long to rest on the rating device.

To have your grippers rated, please contact me to let me know you will be shipping them through my email (jedd dot diesel at gmail dot com) or through Facebook. After Hearing back from me, please package them carefully and send them to the following address:

Jedd Johnson
PO Box 806
Wyalusing PA 18853

I do ask that you wait until receiving word back from me before shipping grippers to me, as I would hate for you to ship them and have me be on vacation or traveling for work and cause a longer delay than is required because I am unavailable.

After the training methods I was introduced to by Paul Knight last year, I truly believe that knowing the strength of the grippers you are training with is an important key to seeing progress and continued development in your training.

When your grippers are rated, you can essentially line all of your grippers up from easiest to hardest and know within a pound or two, how closely each gripper compares with the next. When you have grippers from the various companies, having all of them rated can really help you out.

If you have any questions on the Gripper Rating Process, please let me know, by either emailing me (jedd dot diesel at gmail dot com) or call the Diesel Hotline: (607) 857-6997. Leave a message if I do not pick up.

In 2013, there is going to be some SERIOUS GRIPPER DAMAGE.

All the best in your training.


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