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Functional Movement Screen

A couple weekends ago, my boy Dan Cenidoza from put me through the Functional Movement Screen to assess my mobility, flexibility, movements patterns, etc, with Mike Rankin, Todd Hamer, and John Ferber looking on.

The Functional Movement Screen is a series of simple movements used to identify imbalances and other limitations that cause immobility and possibly can lead to injury due to inactivation of muscles and other problems.

Below is the video.

I figured for sure, my hamstrings would be one of my problems due to how their tightness. In fact, I have done a tremendous ammount of stretching the last year and a half to improve on that. It must have paid off because Dan was not nearly concerned about that as he was with my piriformis.

As you can see, my shoulders are pretty tight too…

As if this battery of tests wasn’t enough to cramp me up, they then put me through the ringer with stretches including bodyweight manipulations and PNF. Man, was I hurtin’.


Well, I got myself into this mess of tightness and immobility. Now it’s up to me to get myself out!

Stay tuned.

All the best in your training,




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3 Responses to “Functional Movement Screen”

  1. Dan Cenidoza Says:

    Haha. lol

  2. Fabian Says:


    could you reupload the video please? It isn’t working anymore.

    Thank you!!

  3. Jim Smith Says:

    I updated the video. Sorry – did not know it expired…. Thanks for letting me know.

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