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From the Forum – The Sh*t DVD Review

From a recent post on the forum: The Sh*t You’ve Never Seen DVD

    “I just wanted to say that I picked up this video and it really was pretty cool to see. First off, it was pretty nice to get a DVD for 25$ instead of the 40$ that most of these training videos end up costing. But it’s also great to see guys in a dark shitty garage looking gym lifting really heavy stuff. You guys really are incredibly strong. It’s also nice to see a video where you included the failed lifts. Not every training session is a highlight reel and it’s nice to add that determination in there to show that even the strongest guys need a few tries. My only criticism is that I really wanted to see a bit more of the heavy kettlebell work but that’s just a personal preference. It was cool to see Jedd land that double flip. Really raw but great video, I definitely recommend it.” Matthew Boylan

To check out more on our DVD, The SH*t You’ve Never Seen, including the promo video, click the link below.

The Sh*t You’ve Never Seen DVD


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One Response to “From the Forum – The Sh*t DVD Review”

  1. Joe Hashey Says:

    Quality preview to the video, also, good video. Its official. You guys should think about making one out of your clips every year or so. Everyone should pick this one up for a good watch.
    -J. Hashey

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