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Free Israeli Special Forces TACFIT Challenge Workout Manual and Video!


Download this FREE Tacfit Commando Workout Manual and Watch This Killer Video Detailing Just a Sample of a Few Exercises. Get Ready to Change Your Workout Forever!

challenge_binder_cdI have been training athletes for over 10 years and in the weightroom over 20 years. I can honestly say the principles of Tacfit and Scott Sonnon have changed the way I train myself and the way I prepare my athletes for battle.

You need to build dynamic mobility into your workout program if you can ever hope to train for a lifetime.  Previously not including the movements in the Tacfit system is one of the biggest mistakes I have made.  If you remember the cool essential hip mobility video (you know the one with a ton of 5-star ratings), that was developed on the principle of Scott Sonnon’s work.
movarrowWhat I have for you today is something really special.  A really amazing free workout and video.  It is just a sample of Scott Sonnon’s new workout system.  Something really badass.

Israeli Special Forces TACFIT Challenge

Step 1: Watch this video and download the FREE workout.

PASSWORD:  dieseltacfit

Download FREE Workout HERE – Right Click Save Target As

Now if you like these cool resources, I have something even better.  Scott’s new program is on sale right now and if you buy from my (affiliate) link, you get two killer bonuses.  These bonuses I have only offered on very special occasions.

Super Bonus #1: Savage Grip – this amazing ebook will get you hands of steel and build a vice grip for pulling a bigger deadlift or excelling in any sport.

Super Bonus #2: 4 Week AMD Muscle Blaster – explosive muscle growth in 4 short weeks.  Serious training for those ready to kick up their training and reach their goals fast.



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12 Responses to “Free Israeli Special Forces TACFIT Challenge Workout Manual and Video!”

  1. dale Says:

    The video seems to require a password?

  2. Jim Smith Says:

    Dale, it is right below the video.

  3. Dale Says:

    Now how could I have missed that :).
    Sorry about that.

  4. Jim Smith Says:

    No problem bro.

  5. Rob Says:


    Looks like very interesting stuff, and I have always heard great things about Soctt Sonnon’s work, initially from Pavel Tsatsouline and now from you.

    I have one question related to the video…

    In the Tactical Pop-up, the spine looks like it will inevitably tuck under in the bottom position, and while un-loaded, this seems to be one of those things that many people advise against these days. Likewise, in the Spinal Rock Drop, the spine is doing some things that, while it seems like the spine should be able to do without issue), is routinely advised against these days.

    I find myself rather confused because it seems like the people most proficient at such movements and who regularly do them have the most resilient spines and the most fluid movement, and this seems to fly in the face of those who say that such things will make an injured spine worse and a healthy spine injured over time, as a matter of when versus if.

    I had worked with some trainers in the past who essentially created a major mental hurdle in my mind regarding anything with spinal flexion performed on a regular basis, and this has been a problem, as it persists even when I work to soften my stance on the matter. While huge volumes of spinal flexion or flexion under significant load would never end well, my gut tells me that movements like those shown by Coach Sonnon can only be a good thing when progressed properly over time.

    In the same vein, the plyometric pop seen in the bottom of the tactical pop-up would get criticized by many so-called experts for being rough on the knees even when performed correctly, and yet Olympic lifters have a similar pop in the hole under great loads and probably have fewer knee injuries (outside of the occasional training or competition accident) than most populations.

    Just curious if you have any advice for getting over this mental block that’s been created in my mind. For example, when I was “naive” and a total beginner, I would often do spinal flexion ab work 2x/week in the 6-12 rep range and with weight, with reverse crunch movements and even a Janda sit-up over an Abmat (as shown to me by a friend). In addition I did a movement similar to Sonnon’s tactical pop-up, as well as scorpions and various types of low back stretches now claimed to be dangerous by most “exeperts” out there. The funny thing is that when I was supposedly doing the wrong things and din’t know any better I felt great, but after listening to some of the advice out there, I actually began to feel worse, especially when I removed some of those aforementioned elements.

    Trouble is that I am now far more tentative than I used to be. I apologize for the long-winded post, but any thoughts on learning to take a more balanced approach and get over this excessive worrying about certain movements would be appreciated. While people like Coach Sonnon might be the exception, it’s hard to ignore the fact that some of the guys with the most fluid movement do things that many other coach, even very well-respected ones, would generally advise against.

  6. brian Says:

    I tried to open and to save the download workout but I get a “file is damaged, unable to repair” message box. Any idea how to get around this to get the download?
    Thanks, and awesome video, I can tell this is going to change everything!

  7. Muckel Says:


    Where do i get the Super free bonuses when I ordered the Tacfit-System via your affiliated link?

  8. Jim Smith Says:

    I will send them to everyone who purchased each night. Thanks for your support!

  9. Jim Smith Says:


    I just tried the file and it is fine. Can you right click and save target as? It should work.


  10. Jim Smith Says:

    I would always err on the safe side. When talking about flexion and extension of the spine it is safe to assume that the mid to upper thoracic benefits from more mobility. When talking about the lower lumbar, minimizes flexion, extension and rotation is a good thing from an anatomical and biomechanical standpoint.

    As the case with the Tactical Pop-ups and the Spinal Rocks, you have to analyze where the flexion is coming from. Is it the lower lumbar or mid-to-upper? I would say in the case of the pop-ups, it is not the lower lumbar and it might even “seem” rounded due to Scott’s forward torso position. In the spinal rocks the spine is in neutral and remains there due to Scott’s good hip and upper back mobility. It is the same thing where an elite deadlifter’s lower lumbar “seems” rounded when in fact the flexion is occurring up the spine at a higher position, transferring the load to the longissimus (spinal erector) which is very efficient at buttressing shear forces.

    Great questions!

  11. brian Says:

    Sorry to bug you with this, I am sure it is not your fault. It still won’t open or save on my computer but I can open it (but not save) on my i-phone. Must be a problem with my computer, but if you have any other suggestions let me know.

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