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Freaky Forearm Training for Baseball

Bat speed, long ball power, and bat control are three aspects of batting over which you can have better command with increased forearm strength.

In order to train your forearms to turn them into bat thrashing and ball flattening power generators, you’ve got to hit them from a variety of angles.

Finishing your workout with a few sets of wrist curls just isn’t going to cut it anymore. You’ve got to hit the wrists and forearms from all directions to develop the most size and strength.

Main movement patterns of the wrists and forearms.

Wrist Flexion – Bending the wrist resulting in a decrease of angle; moving the palm of the hand toward the front of the forearm

Wrist Extension – Straightening the joint resulting in an increase of angle; moving the back of the hand toward the back of the forearm

Ulnar Deviation – Medial movement toward the midline of the body; moving the little finger side of the hand toward the medial side of the forearm

Radial Deviation – Lateral movement away from the midline of the body; moving the thumb side of the hand toward the lateral side of the forearm

Pronation – Internal rotation of the forearm resulting in the palm moving posteriorly, or down

Supination – External rotation of the forearm resulting in the palm moving anteriorly, or up

Elbow Flexion – Bending the joint resulting in a decrease of angle; bringing forearm toward upper arm


One way to barrage the forearms from all angles is to string together several exercises and rip through the whole series all at once. This gives you a serious pump and will build your forearms up fast.

This is a series I like to use every couple of weeks to pump my forearms full of blood. This leads to a flush of blood and nutrients that helps with recovery and aids in rebuilding the microtrauma that goes on from high volume workgrip training.

For this circuit, I used the following equipment:

Pronation/Supination with the Stronger Grip Leverage Ball

Pinch Block Wrist Curls (Flexion)

EZ Bar Wrist Extensions

Sledge Weaver Kick Backs (Ulnar Deviation)

Leverage Bar Circles (Radial Deviation)

EZ Bar Reverse Curls (Elbow Flexion)

Go through that circuit 2 or 3 times. Shoot for finishing up each circuit in 3 minutes or less.

Now, let me know what you think about that stash and burns, brother!

Thanks and all the best in your training,


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