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Forearm and Grip Training for Baseball

Hey everybody. I hope you are doing well.

Just a quick video for you regarding a project I have been working very hard on for the last couple of months…

Forearm Training for Baseball < = = Free video on Grip Strength for Baseball. If you'd like to learn more, sign up for the video, or if you know someone who might benefit from this information, please forward it on. Thanks, -Jedd-


How to Bend Nails | How to Tear Cards | Feats of Grip Strength Explained | How to Build Your Own Equipment | How to Lift Atlas Stones | The Sh*t You’ve Never Seen | Sled Dragging for Athletes | The Road to the Record DVD

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2 Responses to “Forearm and Grip Training for Baseball”

  1. gregory jimenez Says:

    Awesome videos Jedd,
    sigh me up for a copy of the Manual.

  2. Jim Smith Says:

    Thanks Gregory. This thing is HUUUUUGE.

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