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Fitness Business Summit and the Last 4 Hours


Hey, we’re out in California right now at the Fitness Business Summit 2009.  Tomorrow the Summit starts and there are a TON of amazing presenters.  I can’t wait!  The speakers include many of the top fitness professionals in the country.

We had 3 stops on the way here and it was brutal.  I was sandwiched between an old couple who kept handing stuff back and forth.

Also, there is only 4 hours left before Joel Marion’s sale ends.  It has a 60 Day, Money-back Guarantee. So you KNOW when you click that button, you’re protected. Try it risk free before the serious price hike tonight.

He has a bunch of Fast Action Bonuses + the entire package at half price.

Also, the new youtube site just hit the #35th Most Subscribed This Week! THANK YOU!!!  Check it out HERE

It is a site dedicated to AMD to give you a one-stop-shop for the correct way to perform the exercises in the new muscle building system.

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