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FEEDBACK: Road to the Record DVD

In December 2009, I broke the World Record in the Two Hand Pinch after a 5 year chase.

During the last two months of my training, I recorded every Pinch workout and turned it into a documentary, called The Road to the Record: How I Broke the Record in the Two Hand Pinch.

While I worked very hard on the DVD, you never really know how people are going to like it once it’s done. After all, when I was training my ass off from October to December, I wasn’t always thinking about the best camera angles, lighting, etc.

I’ve gotten some pretty good feedback on my DVD from some people who recently picked it up. Check it out:

    I learned a lot from the dvd … The whole thing has put a fire under me to get my pinch up there to a compettive level now. Great DVD Jedd!”
    Jason Steeves
    Alberta, Canada

    “I just watched this and it’s a great dvd. I’m new to 2HP and learned a lot but I bet you’d learn some things even if you’ve been doing pinch for a while. Thanks Jedd!”
    Russ Farver
    New Mexico

Thanks for the great feedback, guys. Use some of the techniques I use in the DVD and you will be well on your way to a Sick Pinch.

If you want to see some extreme ways to build pinch grip strength, exactly how I trained to break the record, then you need to pick up my DVD, and you can do that here = > Two Hand Pinch DVD.

Make it a great day.


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