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Feedback on Nail Bending DVD

Earlier this month, I released the Nail Bending DVD – How to Melt Steel with Your Bare Hands and the positive feedback has literally been rolling from all over the Nation and the World for that matter.

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From Ben Edwards:


    I got the DVD yesterday and watched the first half of it today. LOVE the 2004 Red Nail intro loop! I know a lot of guys that would literally consider the price of the DVD worth a few views of that video alone for motivational purposes. Have really been impressed with the amount of time and effort/knowledge that went into making that Bending DVD. Even guys like me with a very solid bending base will no doubt find something that will help them along their path to increased bending strength. I’ve taken notes on a few sections of the DVD and wanted to wait until my muscle relaxers wear off (I hurt myself on Monday – bulging disc!) before I watch that part a few times through and then take notes on that as well.

    Ben Edwards

From Rory Hickman:

     Hi Jedd,

    Thought I’d let you know the DVD arrived yesterday morning, I watched half yesterday and the other half this morning – absolutely awesome the whole way through! Just like your other products the video and sound quality are second only to the amazing content. I was blown away by the detail you went into just on wrapping, I’d never imagined there was so much to take into consideration and that was just the first 20 minutes or so. To be honest I could mention every section and say how good each was – but I’m not sure how many variations on the work ‘excellent’ I could come up with before it got repetitive…

    I’ve already tried out the band exercise for developing the flexibility to get into the proper DO-bending position – first couple of reps barely came within 6 inches of my neck but I was able to get closer each time – I can definitely see how it will help. The thumb stretch felt great too – mine sometimes get tight from working on the computer and drawing but I could feel the stretch really well.

    Love the DVD man, it’s got me completely fired up to melt some steel but I’m gonna take your advice and work back into it slowly. I’ve got a load of things to work on to get to the point where I’ll be bending anything impressive but with this I now actually know what I need to work on. Thanks for creating such an incredible product, it’s awesome that someone who’s at the competitive level you’re at is so willing to share so much of your training knowledge.

    Thanks again,

    Rory Hickman

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From The Iron Tamer, Dave Whitley:

From Mike “The Machine” Bruce:

This DVD is steadily making its way across the entire globe.

Truly a world-wide phenomenon, here are some of the countries where the DVD has been purchased:

     United Kingdom






    Canada (Just ordered TODAY!)

    Belgium (Another Country with Molten Steel!)

    Switzerland (Added 1/6/11)

And if you are in the United States, and think you hear the squeaky sound of suede being tightened on a bolt or the sweet smell of steel being melted by the power of hand strength, you probably live near a nail bender. Here are some of the cities where the DVD was purchased during the first week only.

     Rosemount, MN

    Sterling, VA

    Chicago, IL

    San Diego, CA

    Stafford, VA

    Shaw Air Force Base, SC

    Merritt Island, FL

    Jacksonville, FL

    Miami, FL

    (The State of Florida must be covered in molten steel by now!!!)

    Bloomfield, NJ

    Pittsburgh, PA

    Lawrence, KS

    San Bruno, CA

    Fayetteville, GA

    Burton, MI

    Cypress, CA

    Torrance, CA

    Madison, CT

    Moultonborough, NH

    Rock Creek, OH

    Tuscaloosa, AL

    Corona, CA

    (Expect Climate Changes in California in 2011 due to all the Nail Benders)

Thanks to everyone who has picked up the DVD!

Hearing good things about my products makes me glad that I put them out and fires me up to get the next one out there!

If you’d like to leave feedback about the DVD, please a comment in the section below…

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