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More Feedback on the Strongman DVD


It’s awesome to hear feedback from you all when you pick up my products. Here is one I just got from CT Mafioso…

“Jedd, I just finished watching your new strongman video. Awesome! Picked up a lot of little tips I never would have thought about. Thanks again.” – CT Mafioso

Glad to hear it, CT! Thanks a lot.

You know there is nothing that really replace the tips that come from experience with the implements.

Powerlifters call this things you learn Under the Bar and it is the same with Strongman, so I guess that would be Under the Log or Under the Tire, maybe.

This kind of learning only takes place from hours and hours of work with the implements. It’s not something you can get by watching YouTube videos. This is exactly what Steve and I wanted to put out there for all to learn when we worked on Introduction to Strongman Training.

If you want to understand the technical aspects of the Log, Tire, Farmers, Stones, Yoke, and other Strongman Implements, then our DVD is a must for you = > Strongman Training Information

You don’t want to struggle through everything. That’s pretty much how I did it. Every contest, every trip to train with new guys, every article, I’d learn something new and try to remember it for the next time. That process is long, tedious, and it sucks.

All the info you really need for Strongman training is in our DVD. Just check out the events we cover on this page = > Strongman Training DVD.

And, if you really want to get the most out of the experience, Steve and I are putting on a Strongman Workshop on July 17th.

Yes, it is a Sunday. I know that is a bit alternative, but Steve and I wanted to make it happen and this is the first chance we got.

Yes, it might be a long drive, but that isn’t stopping Jerry T. He is flying from Vegas to pick up his nephew in North Umberland County, PA and driving the whole way to the Workshop.

Look, it’s going to be worth your time and your investment. Steve and I are going to talk very little and practice with you very much. So, come out and join us.

To attend the Strongman Training Workshop, go to this post = > Strongman Training Instructional Workshop.

I will see you there,


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