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Feedback: Grip Training for Track and Field Throwers DVD

Earlier this year, Matt Ellis and I released our first DVD together, Grip Training for Track and Field Throwers.


Since then, our DVD has been helping Track and Field Coaches and Athletes understand how important the hands are to their throws, as well as how to train the hands effectively to improve performance and stay injury free.

Recently, I received the following feedback from Bill Piche. Bill, aside from being a pioneer in Grip Strength, is also a studied Track and Field scholar, having coached his two kids in Track all their lives. Both have put together impressive careers, and at least one of them is now competing at the collegiate level. Both Bill’s kids, Ryan and Amanda, are pictured to the right.

Here’s what Bill writes:

    A missing link in the strength training program of many athletes is grip strength. In the throws in track and field, hand strength is of utmost importance. But, many coaches neglect training grip.
    Jedd Johnson is a grip training expert and he combines his expertise with throws coach Matt Ellis to provide a great resource for throwers on how to train their grip for the throws. Their new DVD entitled “Grip Training For Track and Field Throwers” covers the complete grip strength spectrum from crushing grip to wrist and forearm strength. A big bonus is they also cover common throwing injuries and prevention.
    One of my favorite parts is on the topic of Home Made equipment. There are no excuses for not training grip and this part of the DVD shows you how to do it on the cheap so there are no budget issues to worry about for implementing grip training into a strength program.
    Bill Piche

Thanks so much for the kind words, Bill!

To make this DVD even more accessible in the Digital Age, this video is available not only in hard copy DVD format, but we also provide streamable options as well, so you can watch the video on your smart phone, ipad, or your other preferred devices.

If you’d like to pick up a copy of Grip Training for Track and Field Throwers, you can do so by clicking the image of the DVD to the right.

All the best in your training.


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