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Fast and Effective Dumbbell Conditioning Circuit


Fast and Effective Dumbbell Conditioning Circuit

Most people feel that they don’t have time to perform conditioning workouts or fit fat loss sessions on top of their normal strength training.


This is definitely not the case.

High intensity, resistance training circuits are designed to get the most impact in the shortest amount of time.

Benefits of Resistance Training Circuits

How Do You Design a Circuit?

Pick an implement and get to work.  It is that simple.  It could be your own bodyweight, kettlebells, dumbbells, barbells, sandbag, medicine ball, thick ropes, Olympic plates or even a combination of any of these.  The idea is to move quickly between exercises and complete the circuit.  As you become better conditioned you can perform the circuits for multiple runs, ie. hit the circuit, rest briefly and then hit it again.

How Do You Increase the Intensity of the Circuit?

  • perform more runs through the circuit
  • perform more reps for each exercise in the circuit
  • increase the weight of the sandbag
  • decrease the rest time between runs
  • increase the tempo (duration of concentric or eccentric phases)

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Dumbbell Conditioning Circuit

movarrowPrint this out and take with you to the gym
1a)  DB Front Racked Squats
1b)  DB Front Racked Backward Lunges
1c)  DB Hammer Curls
1d)  DB RDL’s
1e)  DB Military Press
1f)  DB Laterals

DB Front Racked Squats


DB Front Racked Backward Lunges


DB Hammer Curls




DB Military Press


DB Laterals


Sandbag Conditioning Circuit

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How to Build Muscle | Muscle Building Workouts | How to Lose Fat | Six Pack Abs | Build Muscle, Muscle Gaining Workouts | Build Muscle Membership Site

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3 Responses to “Fast and Effective Dumbbell Conditioning Circuit”

  1. Bill Jones Says:

    I like the DB circuit. We do one using some different movements. We call them “Ultimates” cause we ultimately don’t want to do them! The “Ultimate” is a DB squat, squat thrust, push up, DB row, jump, DB curl, DB press. We did 3 sets of 15, 12, 10.

    I’m going to change it up and add some of your circuit to it!

  2. Jerry Shreck Says:

    These circuits always produce great results and are awesome when time is tight. I am finding myself doing more and more of this type of training. I recently have been doing a lot of kettlebell circuits.

  3. Adam L Says:

    I have a ton of old sea bags how do you keep the sand in them? I might have some sand bags laying around you put a couple in the sea bag? Think I found a Sunday project for me.

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