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Fast 15 Minute Muscle Building Workout

Fast 15 Minute Muscle Building Workout

Here is a fast 15 minute muscle building workout for those of you that have very limited time to workout because of stressful jobs, home life, kids and hectic lifestyles.  Not everyone has 45 minutes to an hour to workout 3-4 times a week.  So what I wanted to do was film a 15 minute workout and present it raw and uncut.  No splices, no stopping – just straight through so you could see it can be done in 15 minutes and build muscle fast.

If you think about it, everyone has 15 free minutes in a day.  And if you don’t think you do, you can keep a time log.  A time log is very much like a food log where you log what you’re doing every 30 minutes during the day.  At the end of the day you’ll see “time wasters” that you can eliminate so you can finally start doing what YOU want to do.
Working out is such a stress reliever and you immediately feel better when you get your workout in.  So when the workout is a fast and effective 15 minutes, there are NO MORE EXCUSES.

Some keys to note when you are trying to get in a fast and effective muscle building workout you must follow:

  • Minimize time between sets
  • Pick compound movements that train multiple muscle groups at once
  • Stay focused
  • Keep the intensity high
  • As fatigue sets in, try to focus on form
  • Have a plan and write the workout out before you get to the gym
  • It also helps to lay out the equipment that you want to use for the workout before you start
  • No socializing, get to work and don’t get distracted
  • Keep water handy
  • Get in an out of the gym fast

So, let’s look at the workout.  I put all the pictures in this post so you can print it out and take it with you.

Warm-up / SMR / Activation
Foam Roller
Bodyweight Squats
Squat to Stand
Glute Stretch into Forward Lunge
Push-up Plus on Knees
Kneeling Reach Throughs
Lunge with Rotation
Lat Stretch
Pec Stretch

1A)  Barbell Clean & Press, 3-4×5-8

1B)  Pull-ups, 3-4×5-8

2A)  Trap Bar Deadlifts, 3-4×5-8

2B)  Push-ups, 3-4×10-20

3)   Plate Pushes, 1-3 trips

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Fast 15 Minute Workout

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    Excellent. Love these short but intense enough workouts!

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