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Shoulder Murder by Rest Pause

Shoulder Murder by Rest Pause

When you think about going to the gym 3, 4 or maybe even 5 days a week; you get freaking burnt out.  Trust me, I know.

So, there are times when you need to kick up the intensity, put away the talking and bullshitting and get to business.
Rest pause training, training we’ve spoken about previously here on Diesel, is just the solution for adding muscle and getting jacked.

But don’t be fooled, it is tough.

I mean “throw up in your mouth a little” tough.

The cool thing about rest pause training is that, in addition to adding muscle fast, you get some extreme conditioning and your workout is cut literally in HALF.

The way we typically hit it, is to perform your primary movement with a conventional muscle building or strength building rep range (if you want to see how I do it, check out AMD), then all supplemental work is done rest pause.

How to Perform Rest Pause

1.  Take a weight you could potentially get 10-12 good reps with.

2.  Perform 8 reps on your first set

3.  Rest for 5-10 breaths, with typically equates to 10-15 seconds

4.  Repeat Steps 1-3 for 4-5 sets, with the exception of try to hit as many reps as possible (ARAP) with all sets after the first one.

There is an immediate loss in your ability to perform as each progressive set you have NOT fully recovered (energy stores are depleted and have not fully replenished, lactic acid has built up, CNS is fatigued).

Example Potential Rest Pause Set

Bench Press

Set 1:  Bench Press, 8 reps, 5-10 breaths

Set 2:  Bench Press, (ARAP, you got 7 reps), 5-10 breaths

Set 2:  Bench Press, (ARAP, you got 4 reps), 5-10 breaths

Set 2:  Bench Press, (ARAP, you got 3 reps), DONE

In the comments, tell me how you like to use rest pause training.  If you haven’t tried it, do it during your next workout and post how it went!

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Here is Brad and I performing rest pause sets for football bar military press and dumbbell posterior flyes.

Rest Pause – Shoulder Training

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2 Responses to “Shoulder Murder by Rest Pause”

  1. Shane Says:

    Cool concept! I did something similar a while back, when I was trying HIT with a friend. We’d do one set to failure, pause for five seconds, do another set to failure, wait another five seconds and then do the final set.

    Really tough stuff.
    When I’m done with my current workout cycle, I’ll try this rest pause method. I like anything that cuts down workout time and increases intensity! 🙂

  2. Chris Melton - the Rotater Says:

    Hey Guys,

    Great article and I always love your videos. Going to give “rest pause” a try soon.

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