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Equipment Review – Manus Grip

I recently received a few pieces from the Manus Grip equipment line and I put up a review on my YouTube. Did you see it? If not, it is below.

To check out the line of products from this company, click here:

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I think you are going to be seeing a LOT more out of this company, especially judging by how they are doing things right out of the gate.

Also, just to make it perfectly clear, I received nothing from the company for this review, just the sets of grips, grippers, and bars.

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2 Responses to “Equipment Review – Manus Grip”

  1. Rich Says:


    I like the review man. I’ve used Fat Gripz for a while. How do the Manus Grips compare? Also, still interested in a guest blog on my site? Thanks, talk to you soon.

  2. Jedd Johnson Says:


    I am a little busy right now, so I will not be able to do a post until later in April.



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