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Elite Business Seminar

I have been asked to speak at the Elite Fitness Systems ( upcoming Business Seminar.

If you have a small training business, starting a business or thinking of starting a new business, this seminar will be an essential knowledge transfer for you.  Thousands of people start a new business everyday but they don’t have a business plan and they HAVE NO IDEA HOW TO SETUP THEIR INFRASTRUCTURE AND INTERNAL PROCESSES TO ENSURE SUCCESS.

They just wing it.

These new personal trainers or small gym owners would rather spend an hour training a group of 3, then put the time in really analzying their internal processes and how to standardize these processes.

There will be 4 speakers covering a huge range of topics.  Here are my topics below:

Title:  Corporate Strategies for Process Excellence

Topic 1:
Time Management, Process Optimization and Defect Reduction
If you fail to plan, you plan to fail!  Strategies to ensure your processes are optimal, efficient and stream-lined.

Topic 2: Process Documentation and Metric Driven Performance
Standardization of process documentation is essential to business success and profitability.

Topic 3: Centralization and Performance Excellence
Building your internal document repository and integrating into your daily workflow.

Check on Elite tomorrow for details.

Time to take your business to the next level!

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3 Responses to “Elite Business Seminar”

  1. Bill Long Says:

    I need to go to this!!

  2. Joe Hashey Says:

    “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail!” Well put, that’s posted on my classroom wall. Good topics!

  3. Super-Trainer Says:

    I’m looking forward to hear some details on this – You see LOTS of trainer mess this part up, and it costs them –

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