Complete Muscle Building LibraryThe Master Collection

The Complete Master Library

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Muscle Building SystemAccelerated Muscular Development

Definitive 16 Week Guide To Explosive Muscle Gains

The internet's ONLY complete muscle building system, AMD has been purchased by lifters and athletes all over the world. Muscle building has never been easier. Three short, intense and highly effective workouts a week are all you need to reach your goals and start getting jacked.

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Combat Core eBookCombat Core

Advanced Torso Training for Explosive Strength and Power

The #8 ranked fitness book on the internet, as ranked by Clickbank, Combat Core, the renowned torso training protocol, has been utilized by athletes and fitness enthusiasts all over the world.

If you want to build insane levels of abdominal strength, lose lower back pain and improve your performance in the weight room or on the field, check out Combat Core.

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Blunt Force TraumaBlunt Force Trauma

This manual features functional exercises categorized by specific movement patterns for the sport of combat fighting. Utilizing kettlebells, strongman protocols, grip strength protocols, sandbags, thick ropes, sleds, stones, kegs and much more—you will build insane strength and elite level conditioning with this old school methodology.

Contains over 450 pages of exercises and a sample 12 week workout!

Years of research and innovation have gone into the creation of this manual. Well respected in the strength community, the Diesel Crew build upon their extension knowledge of old school training methodology to give you one of the most insane training manuals ever!

If you have not specifically targeted the strength, conditioning and skill strategies required for your sport, you will be defeated. This manual will provide you with the information you need to prepare for battle.

Also, you’ll be missing an essential component of training combat athletes and grapplers if you do not recognize the importance of odd-objects in their training.

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Advanced Kettlebell Training eBooksAdvanced Kettlebell Training eBooks

Are You Tired of all the Typical Kettlebell Exercises? Do You Want to Learn Innovative Ways to Develop Explosive and Dominating Power with Your Kettlebell Arsenal?

These ebooks go into unexplored territory—far beyond what you have ever seen. Do not purchase these ebooks if you do not want to be surprised. The Diesel Crew does it again by taking these unique training tools and building freaky strength and power to crush your opponents or hit a new level of intensity!

Do you want to learn how to integrate kettlebells with weightlifting training progressions? Do you want to learn what the pendulum series is all about?

The answers can be found in both of these innovative ebooks. Do not hesitate and be the last strength coach to find out why everyone is talking about the Diesel Crew’s kettlebell ebooks.

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The Nail Bending eBookThe Nail Bending eBook

Build Insane Upper Body Strength by Bending Steel with Your Bare Hands!

The Diesel Crew presents the most complete and comprehensive bending reference ever created! It doesn't matter is you are a novice or elite bender, you will learn something from this manual.

Bend nails with your hands? No way—you bend nails with your whole body! Bringing old school strength to the masses, the Nail Bending ebook will show you how to create full body tension and strength levels while you practice the art of “bending steel with your hands!”

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Ultimate Sled Dragging eBookThe Ultimate Sled Dragging eBook

Forget conventional sled dragging, the Ultimate Sled Dragging ebook will redefine your training. Building insane work capacity and taking conditioning levels to a new high, this ebook is an essential reference for all athletes.

Trust us, you have NEVER seen anything like it before.

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