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Double Inch Farmer’s Walk Progress

Double Inch Farmer’s Walk

DIFW – Double Inch Farmer’s Walk
Lifting two Inch Dumbbells at the same time and then walking with them.

I have done a few short walks with two Inch Dumbbells. This one took place in December before I took John Eaton’s Inch Dumbbell to Chris Rice’s place so that he could train on it. Big Thanks to John Eaton for letting me borrow it for a few months.

It was great getting some practice on two Inch Dumbbells while my second one was away for a while with Ryan Pitts and Adam Glass. Adam sent mine back in early January and its handle is much slicker than both of the ones shown above, and the DIFW’s have not come as of yet. Texture on the handles is an incredibly important element of the lift, especially if you do the lift level.

I am drilling this hard and frequently as often as I can as it is the first event at Mighty Mitts.

So who is going to the Arnold and who will bee checking out Mighty Mitts? Post below in the comments.

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