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Don’t Ever Do This! – Part I

Check out this quick video of a bench press that went terribly wrong.

It is a simple technique issue that you see everyday in the gym.  You may be able to point it out to someone or you might not BUT you can change your technique.


Check out my “How to Bench Press Correctly, Without Wrecking Your Shoulders” video I published a few months ago.

In the video you’ll here me talk about “white knuckles”.  It means to squeeze the bar as hard as you can.  As you know (if you’ve read the Chaos Manual) this creates a co-contraction effect.  As you’ve also heard me say, more tension = more strength.

Can’t bench because your shoulders are wrecked?  Check out my Shoulder Rehab Series.

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6 Responses to “Don’t Ever Do This! – Part I”

  1. Joe Hashey Says:

    I can’t even watch that top video again. I saw it awhile back. Its like bad luck watching that stuff! Like the bald guy in tims while he squats. Damn.

    More importantly, Great bench tutorial!

  2. Doug Fioranelli Says:

    Saw that video a while ago, they don’t call it the “suicide grip” for nothing.

    Great tutorial, I do not think most people realize how complex a lift proper bench pressing is; I am still trying to refine my technique.

    The only thing I wish you would have shown was the feet set up, other than that awesome video keep them coming!

  3. Adam T Glass Says:

    That guy had no business with that weight. Terrible accident!

  4. Barbara Ling, Virtual Coach Says:

    Good Lord, did he crush his trachea?

    Can’t watch that a second time…..

  5. Goody Says:

    WOOF! That’s BRUTAL!

    How about that spot? What would you call that? A lift and toss?

  6. Jim Smith Says:

    Lift and day dream.

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