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DIfference Between Blob Types

Various Blobs in Richard Sorin’s personal collection. (L to R) The first Blob, The first Blob’s sister head, and the Blue Blob.

Fatman Blobs & Next Generation Blobs

As I have covered here many times in other posts, the Blob is one of the most exciting types of Block Weights available with which to train.

Popularity + Scarcity = Big $$$

Their popularity growth, combined with their scarcity, has generated some pretty amazing prices in recent transactions that I have become aware of.

Unfortunately, any time you have something with a training benefit, and a collector’s value, there will be people who will do one of the following things:

1. They will claim to have something they don’t and try to charge too much money on purpose

2. They will think they have something they actually don’t and charge too much money by accident

I have heard of cases where people were told they would be buying a Fatman Blob, but in actuality, they end up with a Next Generation Blob and are extremely pissed off.

I have also been asked countless times what the difference is between a Fatman Blob and a Next Generation Blob. So I put together this short and simple video that will show you the easiest way to tell whether or not the dumbbell in question is an old York that will produce Fatman Blobs or Next Generation Blobs.

How to Tell the Difference Between Fatman and Next Generation Blobs

Next Generation vs. Fatman Blob

This is the absolute quickest way to tell if a York Dumbbell is the original style (Fatman) or the Next Generation variety – the USA stamping on the York head. If you see it, it’s NOT a FATMAN!. If it is blank on that side, the it is a FATMAN.

The numbered side means nothing. The number side will not have the stamp, so if you are thinking of making a purchase, this is the quickest way to tell.

Aside from the USA stamp, there is also a difference in handle size that if you have a micrometer, you can check for. The Original Style Fatman York Dumbbells will have a handle that is roughly 1/16″ smaller in diameter than the Next Generation Blobs. So, if you have a tape measure handy, you can check this way as well.

If you have no tape measure, and the York side is not present, it is going to be tough for you to tell which type of Blob it is. The only other way to really go about doing it is by feel. On the Next Generation Blob, the side of the Blob that had the handle in it will be a bit flatter than that same side of a Fatman. This is why the Original Style Blob is called the Fatman, because it bulges more than the Next Generation Blob.

There is also an even more rare type of Blob out there, called the Blue Blob. I have only ever seen one of these at Richard Sorin’s Srinex Facility. It is an obvious blue shade, so there is no reason to turn this dumbbell over to look.

So, in review, this is what to look for:

1. On the York side, if it says USA on the bottom, it is Next generation. No USA, then it is an Original-style Fatman Blob.

2. If the handle side is slightly smaller than another Blob of the same weight, it is most likely the Fatman variety.

3. If the handle side of the head bulges more, the it is a Fatman.

I hope this has been helpful for you to tell exactly what it is you might have, and also in case you are posed with a possible purchase sometime down the line.

Got a Blob?

Got a Fatman, Blue Blob, or Next generation Blob?
I want to do a post down the line called Blobs Around the World! Get a picture of yourself lifting the Blob, just holding the Blob, your Blob collection, etc., and I will post it up here.

Send me your pictures by February 28th and I will have the post up the week of March 5th. Also include a 100-word description or so telling us how you got your Blob and any other cool training stories.

Thanks and all the best in your training.


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8 Responses to “DIfference Between Blob Types”

  1. Kevin Greto Says:

    Have you ever messed around with the strongergrip loadable blob? What’s your opinion on it?

  2. Gary Gray Says:

    Not really on point, but I have a pair of 100 lb. York Dumbbells. The ends are not shaped like the Blobs above, but are round balls 7″ in diameter. 100 is on one ball and York is on the other ball. Would you have any idea how old they are and if they have any value as a collector’s item?
    Also, I don’t recall you ever talking about the strongergrip loadable blob as above requested by Kevin Greto and would also like to ask your opinion about it.

  3. Rick Walker Says:


    I have 2 fatman blobs. You need a picture for your list? You know these are the originals as you had one for a bit.

    Let me know.


  4. Jedd Johnson Says:

    And those both came from the same dumbbell, right?

  5. Jedd Johnson Says:

    Wow Gary it sounds like you really have a find there. It sounds like you have something like the 60-lb globe head dumbbell I have. Those are even more rare, brother. I shudder to think the price they might bring amongst collectors. I have heard of them buying 45-lb York plates for hundreds of dollars.

    As for the Stronger Grip Loadable Blob, I plan on doing a full review. i do indeed have one and want to get a bit more work on it before posting the review.

    Thanks for posting.

  6. Jedd Johnson Says:

    Sorry for the delay in responding. Yes I do indeed have one and plan on doing a review once I get the training time to mull it over some more.



  7. Rick Walker Says:

    Yes, cut the handle off myself!

  8. Ropes, Vulcan, Blob Work | Turning Point Says:

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