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Diesel Weekly Grip Challenge – Week 7 – The 60-Penny Nail Bend

Diesel Universe, it’s Time to VOTE!!!!!!

The challenge was to bend a 60D Nail. Who do you think did so in the most improessive fashion? Put your vote in the comments section below!!!

Daniel Reinard – Hanging Upside-Down

Zach Lister – Reppin’ BassPro with Loose Wraps

Darrin Shallman – Uses a G5 as a Warm-up for a Spike

David Wigren – Tiny Pads

Andy Thomas – Wrapped in 3 Paper Towels

Ben Edwards – Various Lifts Leading up to a Bend

Carl Ansara – Pulling a Car, Carrying Kettlebells

Junie Davis – Upside Down with KB in Teeth

So, who is the winner this week? Put your vote in the comments section!



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23 Responses to “Diesel Weekly Grip Challenge – Week 7 – The 60-Penny Nail Bend”

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  2. zac Says:

    Junie fo sho!

  3. Daniel Reinard Says:

    Daniel Reinard yo! My calves killed me the next day from holding on for dear life.

  4. jason Says:

    Vote for dan reinard

  5. gene pires Says:


  6. gump Says:


  7. Brett Volway Says:

    Dan Reinhard nailed it 4 sure!

  8. Mike Rinderle Says:

    Damn, they were all great. I’d have to go with Junie and Carl in a tie for the top spot.

  9. Mike Rinderle Says:

    If there’s a special Diesel award for intensity and pain tolerance, then that goes to Andy Thomas. I’ve done some minimal pad 60D bending but that was incredible. It’s why he is one of the best barehand and minimal pad benders out there. Along with Junie Davis, David Wigren, and the King… Gary Hunt. Wiggy’s tiny pad bending was a close second on the intensity, pain meter. Again… awesome bends by everyone!!!!!

  10. Frank Says:

    Ben Edwards

  11. Jason Steeves Says:

    I have to go with Andy for sheer intensity and pain tolerance but many others were damn close. Definitely not an easy choice.

  12. Ben Edwards Says:

    Andy Thomas. Very hard to decide because everyone did a great job!

  13. Josh McIntyre Says:

    Voting for Junie Davis. Gotta say, everyone did a better job than I did on it. Very Humbling, great job.

  14. Josh McIntyre Says:

    Also, I’d like to make the opposite of a vote for Daniel Reinard, since he’s the only guy to vote for himself.

  15. Matt Hunt Says:

    definitely Mr. mountain climber… Reinard bent that 60D in 5 seconds tops. Props to everyone for doing an amazing job!

  16. David Wigren Says:

    Had to flip a coin to pick between Carl and Junie, and Junie won the coin toss

  17. Jane Says:

    My vote is for David. Quick and to the point!

  18. Christine Leander Says:

    David Wigren.

  19. Daniel Reinard Says:

    Josh, for someone who was “humbled” you sound pretty negative. Jedd is trying to bring positive attention to the sport and site. Do us all a solid and either keep your negative opinions to yourself or take it up with the source, me. Tit for tat gets us nowhere. Maybe you could muster up some constructive criticism instead. Change my vote to Andy. I like to vote for the person who puts the most balls on the line in a challenge and I offended someone so I say fantastic bend Andy. You didn’t use no wussy multi-ply stuff there and you took that bend dang close to as dangerous as you were allowed.

  20. Jedd Johnson Says:

    With the change of vote, the score sits at Junie and Andy both with 4 points. Next one to get a vote from someone who hasn’t voted, will win.

  21. Marco Says:

    Junie Davis! holy shit.. great stuff

  22. Jedd Johnson Says:

    With Marco’s vote, the winner this week is Junie Davis!
    Thanks everybody.

  23. Josh McIntyre Says:

    Dan, like I said, everyone (yourself included) did a great job. That seamed clear enough I thought. I think it’s a little ridiculous to cast a vote for yourself is all. If you’re offended, I apologize.

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