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Diesel TV – Watch a Live Workout!


Watch a live workout tomorrow during your lunch.

Saturday, 3/27/09, High Noon 12pm (EST)


I will update this post with the live broadcast link tomorrow.  I will also twitter and send out a newsletter for everyone.

Something else, I need your help.  Pick our conditioning for after the workout.  Email me at smitty [dot] diesel [at] with your pick:

1.  DB Circuit;  DB Press + DB Snatch, or
2.  Spin Bike, Heavy Bag Getups, Ab Roller, or
3.  Modified Treadsled

Hope to see you tomorrow!


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7 Responses to “Diesel TV – Watch a Live Workout!”

  1. Joe Hashey Says:

    I’ll be there…What’s this crap about conditioning!?! Kidding, should be good, send your thought to Smitty!

  2. Synergy Athletics » Live Training Session! Says:

    […] those guys.  Check out Jim’s post here, which will provide the link to the streaming video – Diesel TV.  It will be broadcasting Saturday around 11 am, training starts at […]

  3. TeeWee Says:

    I just watched it today, and I loved it!
    I thought this was a very innovative cool idea:)
    keep up the real good work at

    Much respect from Oslo,Norway

    Cant wait for AMD:)

  4. marty Says:

    Hey Smitty great web feed man u guys kick ass thanks for the combatcore in advance!i hope you guys do more live feeds in the future!!!!you guys are the rason i train the way i do great innovative stuff from you guys ALL THE TIME!!!

  5. Jim Smith Says:

    Marty, email me your address.

  6. marty Says:

    its [email protected] and thank you again!!!!i hope live feeds get done some more!!

  7. Tony Springman Says:

    Great video, did not get to see it live…(kids and their sports!) but really enjoyed the archive version and hope that you do another one. Like seeing the floor presses. I use a log bar instead of the football bar for floor presses, and use the “chain mates” from elite for loading the chains. Gives you a little more “chain load” at the top. Once again, thanks for putting this stuff out for the masses to see.

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